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Choice quotes: Staying single is the best

Lena Headey3

“I’m just going to stay single forever. I could never live with anybody ever again.”
–Lena Headey to Chelsea Handler on Chelsea Lately June 9, 2014


“I don’t want to have to tell anybody what I’m thinking, where I’m going.”
–Whoopi Goldberg on The View June 9, 2014

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Choice Quote: Nicole Holofcener

Nicole Holofcener at the Soho Hotel, London

“Most men I know are attracted to anyone. I could be at a party and say to my boyfriend, ‘You’re the only person here, thank goodness, I’m really attracted to.’ And I know there’s 20 women in that room he’d be happy to have sex with.”

Guardian interview, October 19, 2013


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Choice Quotes: LOUIE


“I think it’s great that you pay so much attention to what they read and come into a real bookstore instead of just perusing Amazon. bravo.”

parker posey on louie

“You’re just going to have to keep up with me because I reveal myself very quickly to people.”

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Choice Quote: And The Mountains Echoed

mountains echoed

“I know that some people feel unhappiness the way others love: privately, intensely, and without recourse.”

And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini

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Choice Quote: Ghana Must Go

ghana must go

Her natural state is contented, not curious. And so second of all, she isn’t unhappy.

Ghana Must Go by Taiye Selasi

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Choice Quotes: Douglas Coupland


“I am a traitor by name: I’m not cheerful or domestic. I”m drab, crabby and friendless. I fill my days fighting a constant battle to keep my dignity. Loneliness is my curse– our species’ curse– it’s the gun that shoots the bullets that make us dance on a saloon floor and humiliate ourselves in front of strangers.”

“I suspect that all human beings have a point where they realize that what they have is the most they’re ever going to have, be it love, money or power. You have to make peace with who you are, and what you’ve become.”

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Choice Quote: Ricky Gervais


–to Jon Stewart, April 2013

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Choice Quotes: GIRLS



“He’s not reading your essay, he’s not reading you.”
–ep. 2


“You know who ends up living their dreams are like sad messes like Charlie and the people who end up flailing behind are the people like me who have their shit together.”
–Marnie, ep. 8


“When you love someone you don’t have to be nice all the time.”

Zosia Mamet

“I can’t be surrounded by your negativity while I’m trying to grow into a fully developed human being.”
–Shoshana, ep. 10


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Choice Quote: literary

marabou stork nightmares

“Why is it that I can only see people in the negative, only recognize them through their pain and their thwarted ambitions?
–Marabou Stork Nightmares by Irvine Welsh

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Choice Quotes: Gone Girl

gone girl

“I used to be a writer. I was writer who wrote about TV and movies and books. Back when people read things on paper, back when anyone cared about when I thought. I’d arrived in New York in the late 90s, the last gasp of the glory days, although no one knew it then. New York was packed with writers, real writers, because there were magazines, real magazines, loads of them. This was back when the internet was still some exotic pet kept in the corner of the publishing world—throw some kibble at it, watch it dance on its little least, oh quite cute, it definitely won’t kill us in the night.”

“Then after they siphoned off my money, my “feminist” parents let Nick bundle me off to Missouri like I was some piece of chattel, some mail-order bride, some property exchange. Giving me a fucking cuckoo clock to remember them by.”

“But I’m a romantic. In real life, if Nick had killed me, I think he would have just rolled my body into a trash bag and driven me to one of the landfills in the sixty-mile radius. Just dispose of me.”

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