music review: Furniture Girls

furniture girls

Rasping, commanding vocals. Garage rock with hints of varied influences. Kicking tunes. Think about a meld between The Runaways, Regina Spektor and Dum Dum Girls. That somewhat describes the energy and power you’ve got in Furniture Girls. stayC Meyer possesses a vocal range from inquisitive to angry to bold that centers every song. The general consensus is don’t mess with Seattle’s Furniture Girls. “The Deep End” is a cautionary track with a cool heavy intro. Edgy spoken word on speed and churning guitar and funky keys fuels “The Well Was Poisoned.” Funky keys [Kate Bradley] and Gwen Stefani territory on “Fake.” A bit prettier and melodic on “Lily” with feverish keyboard [guest contributor Dr. Fink] and guitar [Jason Lightfoot] creating an energetic beat.


Furniture Girls
release date: April 14, 2015

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