current music obsessions: Jennie Lowe Stearns, Meiko and exitmusic

Blurry Edges by Jennie Lowe Stearns
–alt-folk that’s sultry, captivating and moody. envelopes you in its atmospheric melodies. Jennie has this raw, achy voice that soothes as much as it moves you.

The Bright Side by Meiko
–ebullient. sweet. delightful.
–Meiko is from Georgia but is now L.A.-based.
The Bright Side is her sophomore release.

purchase at Amazon: The Bright Side

Passage by exitmusic
–dark. swirly. layered. addictive.
–New York-based.
–band named after a Radiohead song.
Aleksa Palladino (vocals)
Devon Church (guitar, keyboards)
Dru Prentiss (drums)
Nicholas Shelestak (electronics)

purchase at Amazon: Passage [+digital booklet]

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