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Project Runway recap: Client on the GO [S16.Ep8]

Project Runway. Season 16 Episode 8 on LIFETIME. judges: Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia, Zac Posen. Guest judges: Yolanda Hadid and Sophia Stallone. Host: Heidi Klum. Mentor and co-host: Tim Gunn.

Episode 8: Client on the GO

I know this is too little little too late but I watched this and just didn’t set up the post. for consistency i decided to post now.

Claire and Shawn have one hour to create a new garment. Claire says: “I am now in a position where my success will result in my sister’s failure. It is a torturesome feeling.” Shawn says: “It’s frustrating that it has to be us against each other.” In the workroom Shawn doesn’t know what to do and looks flustered while Claire is already working on something. Shawn breaks down and says she doesn’t want to do it and they get Tim and ultimately Shawn leaves and Claire stays.

DIXIE sponsored challenge. As dated as last week’s JC Penney sponsor. Although, people more likely to buy Dixie products than to shop JC Penney. Project Runway also uses Avon for makeup, previously pedestrian Mary Kay, so . . . Good job on making the show relevant.

Challenge: Dress a women on the go and create a custom print. Winning design will be on a DIXIE to-go cup and receive $25,000. “This is huge. This is life-changing,” says Margarita. They have 30 minutes with clients and 20 minutes to finalize a print. It’s a two-day challenge. Lots of Claire interviews so she’s going to BOMB and go home or win this challenge. They’ll be creating designs for friends and family of crew members. Claire gets the show’s executive producer’s best friend. Claire’s client says she has tons of nervous energy. Bet she got a briefing from her friend.


Margarita notices that Claire seems to have draped a top that looks like the dress she made the week before. She’s getting quite upset by it. “She’s my friend,” says Margarita. “But she’s not my friend. A friend wouldn’t do that.” Ayana disagrees that it’s a knock-off. “We all do ruching at some point,” she notes. Amy says: “Interpreting fashion and being inspired by fashion is part of the process.” Claire’s print is cool. Her design isn’t earth-shattering but doesn’t look like an exact copy.


Tim comes in to critique. He asks Kentaro if there’s enough of him in the design. “It just looks like a slip dress,” Tim notes. To Michael is says that his design can’t just be a “plain pant.” Tim likes Brandon’s top but not the skirt. He tells Amy to focus on the shirt she’s designed. He doesn’t like Ayana’s pants. And he asks Batani: “Where’s the print?” He tells Kenya that her peplum doesn’t look integrated. Tim tells Claire that her design looks “gimmicky.”

Claire thinks people are interacting with her less than when Shawn was also there. Michael’s thinks Brandon’s getting cocky. Kentaro and Brandon discuss the 25K prize while taking a break. Brandon says that it’s more than he makes in a year.

Michael says that Claire isn’t playing the game “right.”


Runway notes: Cool design by Amy. Nice top by Brandon. Nice shape to Batani’s design. Margarita’s design looks off the rack. Great pants and print by Claire. Too short with Ayana’s design. Unflattering look by Michael. Don’t like the peplum skirt that Kenya designed. It’s unflattering. Kentaro’s design looks like pajamas.

Guest judges this week: Yolanda Hadid and model Sophia Stallone




Nina: “I love the color. I love the print.”

Zac: “The detailing throughout is exceptional.”



Zac: “This is sublime. These colors just sang down the runway.”

Heidi: “You’re drowning her in 20 yards of fabric.”

Nina: “It is 360 degree elegance.”



Heidi: “I think she looks perfect head to toe.”

Zac: “This was the effective print and I think you have more creativity in you.”

Nina: “In terms of design am I blown away? Have I never seen this before? No.”




Heidi: “I’m very confused when I see this look.”

Sophia: “Nothing is balanced.”

Nina: “This is a print challenge.”



Nina: “There’s too much going on and you didn’t take into consideration her proportions.”



Nina: “The dress looks like she’s a preppy lady and the top looks like she’s going to a cocktail party.”

Zac: “I like your print. That’s about it. I expect more from you.”

Margarita gets upset and says she was distracted in the workroom but that she “wasn’t raised to throw people under the bus.” In the green room, Michael says he doesn’t understand why judges said Claire’s look was basic but put her in the top. Well, Michael, the winning DESIGN gets on the DIXIE to-go cup. Drama makes good television. This season’s been lacking in it.


Michael stomps off stage. Heidi asks what’s going on. Backstage Michael tells a producer that he came to play fair.

to be continued …

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