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WOLF GANG: live show review

Wolf Gang
Brighton Music Hall
Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wolf Gang earlier Live in the Lab at RadioBDC

Adorable 20-something London band Wolf Gang immediately captivates the young crowd with its energetic, solid stage presence. They’re constantly moving about. Jumping, grooving, pounding out guitar melodies, cool bass riffs and heart-thumping drum beats. This is a live performance that gets the entire audience moving and involved—super dynamic. The guys constantly smile, clearly enjoying the entire onstage experience.

Genuinely heartfelt lead singer Max McElligott charms with his sweet melodic vocals. Funky curly-haired guitar player Gavin Slater commands the stage with unrestrained riffs and jams. Drummer Lasse Peterson delivers sharp beats while David Beckham look-alike bass player James Wood churns out funky bass riffs. Jamie Jones adds extra zest on keyboards.

Wolf Gang is clearly in sync with each other and get a kick playing together, quite evident during every song they perform. They make it all appear fun and rather effortless. Wolf Gang performs outstanding versions of “The King and All of His Men” as well as “Lions in Cages.” The new song “Horizons” rocks with catchy and moving harmonies. They mix it up live. “Where are You Now?” starts off slow and leads to a kicky rock beat and strong vocals. There’s a bit of 70s rock in their songs like on ballad-type songs, such as title track “Suego Faults.” The crowd loves every moment, dancing and swaying and cheering. Just the way an indie rock should be.

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Cameo Gallery

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The Booth Playhouse
Charlotte, VA

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9 November
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