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Shiva Rea A.M. Energy: DVD review

Run Time: 71 minutes
MPAA: not rated
DVD Release Date: April 5, 2011
Studio: Acacia
Review source: Acorn Media

A.M. Energy is an extremely challenging workout that incorporates Shiva Rea’s flow style, core strengthening and balance poses depending on the modules you choose. Shiva Rea might take a bit of getting used to at first but her techniques work. You’ll build core strength and open joints and lengthen muscles through her sessions. Shiva Rea has a soothing voice, a perfect yoga body and all of her practices have excellent pacing and a variety of poses.

There are three 20-minute practices—Body Mandala, Viva Flow and Shakti Flow– and a bonus 20-minute Heart Salutation on A.M. Energy. Start out with Meditation Core awakening and then you can choose any of the different modules. In the Body Mandala, Shiva Rea incorporates circular patterns with the body so all the movements are very fluid and concentric. Mandala is a Sanskrit word that means “circle”. In the Hindu and Buddhist religious traditions, artwork often takes a mandala form. I felt this set practice opened up my joints and charged my circulatory system. Shakti Flow energizes and increases flexibility and joint opening through flowing movements. Viva Flow includes tons of balancing poses to challenge our bodies as well as mental concentration. As with all of her DVDs, Shiva Rea starts with the basic balance pose and then shows poses with greater difficulty so that the DVD will suit a yoga practitioner of any level of ability.

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DVD review: Shiva Rea: Yogini

Title: Shiva Rea: Yogini
Run Time: 75 minutes
MPAA: not rated
DVD Release Date: April 6, 2010
Studio: Acacia
Review source: Acorn Media
Grade: B+

Shiva Rea’s DVDs are all wonderful. I’m partial to Shiva Rea: Daily Energy which offers fire, earth and water selections in the matrix. When I first did some of Shiva’s routines I felt silly. She’s such an organic/earthy-crunchy California yogi. But the fluidness of Vinyasa is marvelous.

Yogini is completely geared toward women and Shiva encourages us to “spread love” through the body in the Healing Meditation warm-up. She also speaks about recognizing “peace, compassion, beauty and love”—all wonderful thoughts. there’s the Flow of Love—Backbending Vinyasa. Flow of Beauty: Fluid Backbending Vinyasa. I chose this one because I’m a fan of Shiva’s fluid movements. I don’t have the best back due to some protruding discs and degenerative disc disease and it feels great to open up my back and hips with her flowing style. I then did the Flow of Empowerment: Standing Pose Vinyasa. In this module, Shiva goes through some of the standard warrior poses. The goal of Yogini according to Shiva Rea is to tap into shakti or dynamic energy.

Shiva Rea: Yogini

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