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Entertainment Realm’s 20 Picks for Best Fiction of 2012 [11-20]

Making lists of my favorite books, music, films proves challenging every year. Thus I’m making a list of 20. To put it in perspective, I’ve read 90 books at this writing. I have a few in progress. Here are the one’s that I keep thinking about and recommending to others [If I reviewed it, I linked to the review]:

make it stay

11. Make It Stay by Joan Frank [Permanent Press]

divorce islamic style

12. Divorce Islamic Style by Amara Lakhous [Europa]

the lion is in

13. The Lion is In by Delia Ephron [Blue Rider Press]

beside the sea

14. Beside the Sea by Veronique Olmi [Tin House Books]

news from spain

15. The News from Spain by Joan Wickersham [Knopf]

hemingway's girl

16. Hemingway’s Girl by Erika Robuck [NAL, 2012]


17. Threats by Amelia Gray [Farrar, Straus and Giroux]


18. MISS FULLER by April Bernard [SteerForth Press]


19. Cascade by Maryanne O’Hara [Viking]

unattended death

20. An Unattended Death by Victoria Jenkins [The Permanent Press]

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An Unattended Death: book review

An Unattended Death by Victoria Jenkins. Publisher: The Permanent Press (October 2012). Literary fiction. Hardcover. 214 pages. ISBN: 978-1-57962-284-4.

This is one of the most beautifully written mysteries I’ve read in some time. The setting—an island in Puget Sound in Washington State during the summer. The main character—Irene Chavez, a small town detective and single mom. She grew up in this area although lived and worked in Los Angeles for many years. The case—an unattended death. A body washes up in a shallow slough. Was it an accident or murder? The only female detective on this rural Washington State sheriff’s department, Chavez lands the case. The body is that of Anne Paris, daughter of a wealthy summer family who owns a home on a remote island in Puget Sound. She was a psychiatrist among a family of doctors and academics. The private family complicates matters in the investigation. They don’t particularly care who killed Anne. Chavez hits a ton of dead ends but never gives up in the pursuit of justice for Anne. An Unattended Death is a fascinating mystery. The landscapes and scenery will make you want to book a flight to Washington.

–by Amy Steele

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for review from the publisher.

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