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NEW MUSIC: Stefan Pruett; Moonbabies: Twin River

Stefan Pruett, “Carefree”

mega-dose of 80s pop with revised Lightning Seeds “Pure” beats to open this track. Pruett’s darker crooning anchors the song. Pruett labels his music “dark wave pajama pop” which suits this uplifting, carefully layered song that sounds like a mash-up of alternative 80s pop bands like New Order and Pulp with current alternative pop rock bands Young the Giant, Fitz and the Tantrums and Fun.

Pruett likes to mix fun and darkness in his music. He said: “I think of my music as a sleepover when you were a kid. There’s a purity and effervescence to that get together with your friends. It’s a slumber party. It’s fun. That’s the pop side. But it’s at night, which to a kid is scary in and of itself. But there are also the secrets you tell, and stuff you do that might be a little titillating, a little dangerous, but seductive. That’s the tinge of darkness that creeps in.”

Moonbabies, “Pink Heart Mother”

love this Swedish husband wife duo, Ola Frick and Carina Johansson Frick and its dreamy electro-pop and feminism. Wizards on the Beach due out April 28.

Twin River, “Bend to Break”

fuzzy, exuberant rock from the Vancouver band with Courtney Ewan Bromley’s raspy vocals propelling the garage band sound. Formed in 2009, Twin River is: singer-songwriter Courtney Ewan Bromley; guitarist Andy Bishop (White Ash Falls); guitarist Malcolm Jack (Capitol 6, ex-Sun Wizard); singer-keyboardist Rebecca Law Gray and drummer Dustin John Bromley (Pleasure Cruise, Keep Tidy).

“This might sound pretty cheesy,” Ewan Bromley says, “but I think it was a case of growing up and not wanting to write sad music. I don’t really listen to a lot of slow, sad stuff anymore. It’s more fun to play in a synth-y rock band, and more fun to listen to.”

Twin River’s debut album Should The Light Go Out out now.

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