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BUNDCHEN/BRADY WATCH: Tom on Men’s Health Cover; golfing with Peyton Manning


In the article, Brady said:

“When I’m most emotional I’m probably most focused. I like to be emotional because it brings out the best in me and my teammates. The body is a machine that runs on emotion.”

“Once you stop improving, everyone else will catch up, because they’re probably learning from you. So you have to continue to find ways to evolve.”

“All my thoughts on a daily basis go into how I can sustain the length of my career. What I eat. How I sleep. My levels of stress. Why? Because I love football.”

Recently, Tom Brady and Denver Bronco’s QB Peyton Manning teamed up to take on two businessmen in golf on a course near Pebble Beach. They WON.


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love this, via Funny or Die.

Boston loves you Tom and you are a part-time Bostonian.

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Congratulations to NE Patriots

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BUNDCHEN/BRADY WATCH: Happy 34th Birthday Tom!

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