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new music: Tin Cup Serenade



Eric Garland (drums)
Safa Shokrai (upright bass)
Rolf Wilkinson (vocals)
Larry Leight ( trombone )
Pete Cornell (saxophone)

from: San Francisco


combines jazz, calypso and swing. All flowy dresses, dark suits and cha-cha. makes you feel like you’re right in a film. emotional story-telling through horns, upright bass and melancholy vocals. mid-tempo songs. A mellower version of 90s band Squirrel Nut Zippers.


album: Tragic Songs of Hope [out April 23, 2013]

label: Tin Cup Serenade Productions

my picks:

“Limbo Jazz”
“Sunny Oakland Day”
“Money is King”


purchase at Amazon: Tragic Songs of Hope

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