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Entertainment Realm’s Top 25 Albums of 2012

1. The Avett Brothers, The Carpenter [American/Republic]

2. The xx, coexist [Young Turks]

3. Aimee Mann, Charmer [Superego Records]

4. Chelsea Wolfe, Unknown Rooms [Sargent House]

5. Meiko, The Bright Side [Fantasy]

6. The Shins, Port of Morrow [Columbia]

7. Exitmusic, Passage [Secretly Canadian]

8. Of Monsters and Men, My Head is An Animal [Universal Republic]

9. Norah Jones, Little Broken Hearts [Blue Note Records]

10. Metric, Synthetica [MOM & POP MUSIC]

11. Now Now, Threads [Trans- Records]

12. David Byrne and St. Vincent, Love this Giant [4AD / Todo Mundo]

13. Cat Power, Sun [Matador]

14. Imperial Teen, Feel the Sound [Merge Records]

15. Keane, Strangeland [Interscope]

16. Beth Orton, Sugaring Season [ANTI Records]

17. Jack White, Blunderbluss [Third Man Records / Columbia]

18. Regina Spektor, What We Heard from the Cheap Seats [Sire / WEA]

19. Purity Ring, Shrines [4AD]

20. The Organ Beats, Goldenheart

21. Laetitia Sadier, Silencio [101 DISTRIBUTION]

22. Lightning Love, Blonde Album [Quite Scientific]

23. Fiona Apple, The Idler Wheel . . . [Sony]

24. Winterpills, All My Lovely Goners [Signature Sounds]

25. Skyline Pigeons, House of Mysteries [Retro Face Music]

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The Organ Beats: music review

Filled with psychedelic guitar chords and intense rhythms, Goldenheart features a plethora of energetic and emotional songs from Boston band The Organ Beats. These talented musicians perform daring and unusual compositions best played loud. Every song is super-charged, tightly wound and fueled by super tight melodies. The electrifying results showcase vocalist/guitarist Noelle’s sweet vocals on “Living Without You” amidst jangly guitar and a catchy drum beat and heartbreaking vocals on the cathartic “Heartless.” There’s the keyed up, dreamy “So Long” and the fun, raucous “Get Up!” The band slows down on the gorgeous and poignant closing track, “Don’t You Ever Feel Like Dying?” On Goldenheart, The Organ Beats is back in spectacular form.

The Organ Beats
November 2012

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The Organ Beats formed in 2008. Siblings Danny [drums] and Noelle [vocals/ bass] are siblings recruited their friend Mikey [guitar] to round out the band.

Steele: What have been your greatest challenges as a band?

The Organ Beats: money

Steele: How is it to write music and tour as siblings?

The Organ Beats: It’s great, we argue all the time.

Steele: What has Noelle’s experience in Damone brought to the band?

The Organ Beats: Bitterness

Steele: What makes The Organ Beats work well together?

The Organ Beats: We’re all nerds who love nothing more than playing music.

Steele: Why did you go to the Houston, Texas area to record Sleep When We are Dead?

The Organ Beats: To get away from the city and record for cheap.

Steele: What does a live gig bring to your music?

The Organ Beats: energy

Steele: How do you write your songs?

The Organ Beats: it usually starts with a verse then a chorus, pop a bridge in there next to a solo. haha, just kidding. For me I just write a poem and a riff and piece it together into a standard formula. The magic is in the recording, where you can layer on the spice and really be creative.

Steele: Where do you get the lyric ideas for what I interpret as melancholy love

The Organ Beats: Boys have definitely been a muse. I have a great appreciation for nature. But also persevering through tough times has been a topic on numerous occasions.

My favorite song right now is Sleep When We Are Dead by The Organ Beats:

The Organ Beats web site


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MUSIC: The Organ Beats

Heard them a few weeks ago on Boston Emissions with Anngelle Wood.

Upcoming gig: April 15 at Harper’s Ferry, Allston, Mass.


video for Sleep When We Are Dead:

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