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Lifetime TV movie review: The Devil’s Teardrop

“Just be a kid. Stop worrying. That’s my job.”

Wondered what happened to That Thing You Do’s Tom Everett Scott? The adorable actor is here in a Lifetime movie. The Devil’s Teardrop, a DC-based thriller by New York Times best-selling author Jeffrey Deaver, stars Scott as retired FBI agent and handwriting expert agent Parker Kincaid. Though his custody agreement requires him to work from home, he gets called in to consult on a serial killer case by Special Agent Margaret Lukas [Natasha Henstridge]. The plot barely matters as the script and acting are the weakest I’ve seen in some time. For a thriller, there’s little urgency and intrigue. This might be due to the lack of character development. The movie remains empty between the bangs. There’s no tension. Henstridge may as well be a cardboard cutout. Scott also looks to be collecting an easy paycheck. He’s not even trying to play a credible or involved FBI agent. Both appear to be reading off cue cards. The Devil’s Teardrop [which is a teardrop-like way to dot an i] lacks any real hook to draw in an audience or make anyone care about its outcome.

Premieres: August 8 on Lifetime Movie Network at 8pm EST


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