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Project Runway S12.Ep9: RECAP


Heidi tells the designers they’re getting the morning off for a Southern-style brunch at Juliette. During brunch, Tim arrives to inform them of the latest challenge. It’s for the southern woman. He reminds them that Southern women love bright colors and dresses vibrantly and expressively. She likes feminine details and uses accessories.

Belk Challenge: Create a day or evening look for the modern, Southern woman.

**Winning look will be sold at Belk and at

at Moods:
Helen gets yellow with a lace layering—“sunflower dress”
Dom gets a lovely black and white fine zebra print
Kate gets a pretty print for dress
Alexander has plaid silk charmeuse
Bradon also chooses plaid fabric
Alexandria has a blue plaid fabric
Ken is using a deep purple
Justin has orange and black


“This is terrible that this stereotypical southern woman that people up north have in their mind.” –Ken


Tim critiques

Alexander—building a bodice, cocktail dress
Bradon—“I love this textile,” Tim says. Bradon’s worried that it’s a bit too 50s
Justin—Tim worries it looks too Halloweenish with his color combos
Jeremy—“excited to be working on a tailored jacket” in red. Dress underneath in a print that’s long and fitted and mid-calf
Ken—Tim seems happy with what he’s doing and most designers think that he’s the biggest threat
Helen—“inspiration was fresh and outdoors”
Dom—“designed a basic maxi” and Tim asks if it’s under-designed
Alexandria—“it’s reading very Bohemian-like,” Tim says.




design by Helen

design by Helen


design by Alexandria

design by Alexandria


design by Justin

design by Justin



design by Bradon

design by Bradon

“I do like it that it is super short in the front and long in the back.” –Heidi Klum
“Working in madras or plaid can be risky. It felt fresh, modern and very Southern.” –Zac Posen
“You chose an expected fabric and you designed something unexpected.” –Nina Garcia


design by Alexander

design by Alexander

“The dress looks beautifully made.” –Zac Posen
“I think she looks sexy and sophisticated.” –Heidi Klum
“The volume on the bottom has a good balance for the fit on the top.” –Stacy Kiebler


design by Kate

design by Kate

“This is a really fun use of color.” –Stacy Kiebler
“I’m not a fan of this dress. It’s not flattering.” –Heidi Klum
“I thought the execution of this dress was great. I could see that on a rack.” –Tom from Belk




design by Jeremy

design by Jeremy

“I think we all agree this doesn’t look very modern. I’m not very happy about the silhouette.” –Heidi Klum
“It looks like a casino jacket.” –Zac Posen
“It doesn’t seem very hip and the length seems very hip to me.” –Stacy Keibler


design by Ken

design by Ken

“I’m not that interested in the dress. It’s not a wow piece to me. Fashion is about taking those smart risks.”–Zac Posen
“It’s very unflattering regardless of where she’s going to.” –Heidi
“It read a little bridesmaid to me.” –Belk guy


design by Dom

design by Dom

“I could see this in a mall but it’s not fashion-forward.” –Heidi Klum
“I hate the color it looks like hospital scrubs.” –Nina Garcia
“I need to see what oomph you have as a designer.” –Zac Posen

BRADON is the WINNER of the challenge.

Bottom three designers have one hour to re-design their outfits or start off and show the judges a more modern look. They can work with one other designer. Jeremy works with Alexander. Ken chooses Kate because she can sew quickly and she “knows how things work.” Dom picks Helen because she’s the “only one she trusts.”

Here’s what they end up with:

Dom's final design

Dom’s final design

Jeremy's final design

Jeremy’s final design

Ken's final design

Ken’s final design

The judges ADORE Dom’s rework. Tom from Belk is SO impressed that he decides that he wants to reproduce her look for Belk stores and online.

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