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Benjamin Schoos: music review

This jazzy indie-pop album does two things: reminds me of being an exchange student in Paris (Ou est mon foulard? ) and makes me want to dance around like I’m in a 1960s Godard film. It’s retro in the best and coolest ways. Brings a magnetic vibe, laced with melancholia, through shimmering beats. I’m a fan of French indie-pop acts such as St. Etienne, Stereolab and Autour de Lucie so Benjamin Schoos jumped out at me. Quelle artiste. No worries if you can’t understand what Benjamin Schoos sings about. That’s the beauty of music. If it’s done well and this is, you can feel what the artist feels. Of course I’m stretching my rusty French skills as best I can. “Marquise” is swingy, breathy, chic and romantic. Then there’s the bubbly and gorgeous tapestry of “Je Ne Vois Que Vous” with guest vocals from Laetitia Sadier (Stereolab). “A Mort L’amour” unfolds with dramatic edginess. Schoos is a bit sad and cynical sometimes. Wants loves. Begrudges love. Loves love. Embrace it. Let yourself get lost in the beguiling arrangements and melodies. The perfect music for a sophisticated cocktail party or perhaps for one that you’d like to have a bit more charm infused into it.

China Man vs. China Girl
release date: October 9, 2012


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