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Laura Jansen: music review

album: Bells
release date: March 22
label: Decca

Infusing her music with genuine emotion and thoughtful lyrics, Laura Jansen is an intelligent and talented Katy Perry. She’s a playful free spirit with an enchanting voice. She also looks like a Dutch Katie Holmes. The beautiful folk-pop songs make you feel like Jansen’s singing in a conversational-style while both reflecting on and relishing in her experiences. Some songs are pensive, some more upbeat/quirky and in all she generously shares herself.

my picks:
Single Girls
Use Somebody [Kings of Leon cover]
Wicked World


Purchase at Amazon: Bells

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sassy Laura Jansen, Single Girls [send out as an e-card]

she looks like a Dutch Katie Holmes. her voice is strong, dreamy and sweet. her lyrics are dark and reflective. This Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter graduated from Berklee College of Music. Her debut release, Bells, comes out in March.


I think you’d like my new hair
I cut it when you weren’t there
And pieces of us everywhere
Were falling down

My bed is now a girl’s bed
Pink flowers under my head
And pillows on your side
Instead of you

‘Cause that’s what single girls do
Don’t think about you

I’m reading books on meditation
Praying for my heart’s salvation
Oh, I’ve got the motivation
To be a free girl now

And I’ve gone drinking with the guy down the hall
Put up a new color on my bare walls
I’m so damn busy after all

‘Cause that’s what single girls do
Don’t think about you

I keep trying
Yeah I keep trying
To make my way back to the light
Where I belong

But God keeps lying
God keeps lying
Saying this is for the best
And nothing here is wrong

But I’m still thinking about You

I think you’d like my new hair
I cut it like I didn’t care
The pieces of me everywhere
Were falling down

One more glass of wine
Before I turn off the lights
This time, this time
I’ll be fine

for more info:

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