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Lorna Doone: DVD review

The Ridds have been honest men longer than the Doones have been rogues.
–John Ridd

More than a decade ago, the rebellious Doone faction killed John Ridd’s father. Since then he’s despised them. It’s 17th century England, around the time of the Monmouth rebellion against King James II, and there are few laws to restrict the Doone clan in profiting from intimidation and theft. Sean Bean excels as a ruthless renegade Carver Doone. He’s a swashbuckling fearless reprobate. When John [Clive Owen] falls into the river on the Doone property one day, Lorna Doone [Polly Walker] rescues him. They fall for each other in that classic Romeo and Juliet way. Soon rather barbaric and ceaseless fighting ensues as John seeks revenge and also follows his heart. Once Lorna’s past becomes exposed it brings even greater challenges for John. The outdoor scenery, period costuming and sets frame these early acting roles of Walker [Rome, Enchanted April] and Owen [Children of Men, Closer]. Unfortunately, Walker and Owen lack the chemistry for viewers to really root for the couple’s triumph. Both very lovely to look at and both talented actors. The material’s too thin. Considering she’s playing the title role, Walker definitely lacks enough dialogue and character development. Lorna Doone is only for fervent fans of these actors or of period BBC productions.

Lorna Doone [1990]
Starring: Polly Walker, Clive Owen, Sean Bean
Rating: unrated
Studio: Acorn Media
DVD Release Date: April 19, 2001
Running time: 87 minutes

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