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Project Runway S12.Ep8: RECAP


New Balance Challenge: Create fashionable active wear for Heidi’s New Balance collection

Relay race–winners choose fabric first and gets one extra hour of work time one day challenge

**Winning look sold at select NB stores and at

Winners: Dom and Justin

10yds of fabric.


Kate: “I’m inspired by my little brother because he likes motocross racing.”

Helen: “I wanted to create a three-piece look.” She’s designing a jacket, tee and pants.

Karen: “I’m drawn to geometrical lines and designs.”

Back in the workroom, Helen asked Tim a question about whether she could use the pieces as reference to mock-up their own designs. Ken then asked Helen what he asked Tim. She said she wasn’t going to tell anyone. Ken of course went off and gave her a bunch of attitude and flipped out big time. Helen felt that he was threatening her. She then told Tim what happened so that Tim and the producers would be aware. Ken called his mom and then spoke to his spiritual advisor. Tim then pulled him aside to talk calmly to him. “I’m your ally,” Tim told Ken. “I’ve been frustrated all day and I flipped out on you for no reason and I like you,” Ken told Helen.


Heidi and Tim come in to critique what the designers are working on.

Kate—says it’s unique in that it has more volume and length

Helen–Workout tee with gather on the bum in the pants, third piece would be a jacket
“Heidi and Tim said I need a wow piece”

Justin– “I’m very intimidated” with Heidi doing the critique

Karen–Idea of sports bra with style lines
Heidi: “it is impossible. It is Martian it is crazy. I don’t see anyone wanting to have this. It looks trashy. You have to think more elegant.”

Alexander–They tell him to reduce the piping a bit

Dom –Says she likes to show some skin

Jeremy–Blushes when Heidi comes over

Ken–Heidi says Ken’s design could be a scuba suit

Bradon–Trying to create an optical illusion

Alexandria– She’s designing a drop crotch pant with a jacket. It’s all in black though.
“I train a lot. I’ve run over 50 marathons.”

heidi intro for challenge 8




design by Justin

design by Justin


design by Dom

design by Dom


bradon8 design by Bradon [/caption]


design by Jeremy

design by Jeremy



design by Helen

design by Helen

“A jacket that covers the ass and the thighs, I love it. I love the proportion of it.” –Nina Garcia
“It’s versatile.” –Zac Posen
“I like a hybrid piece.” –Michael Kors


design by Alexander

design by Alexander

“I think that your pants are really well made. I like the color blocking.” –Heidi Klum
“It looks so professional.” –Zac Posen
“I would not have done that color blocking. Coloring her up there in the gray makes her look wider. The pant is so high-waisted it makes her butt look longer.” – Nina Garcia


design by Kate

design by Kate

“I like what you did. You used the right amount of color here and there.” – Heidi Klum
“I love the idea of the zipper in the back. The idea that you can change the silhouette. Great.”—Michael Kors
“Kate, you’re great.” – Zac Posen



design by Alexandria

design by Alexandria

“I don’t understand how she can do yoga or run in those pants.” – Zac Posen
“These pants are impossible to ride a bike or do yoga.” – Nina Garcia
“If you want guys to leave you alone in the gym, wear that look. And those pockets. Pleasure me pockets.” — Michael Kors


design by Karen

design by Karen

“Her activity looks like she’s going to a buffet on a cruise. She could put cookies in her pockets.” – Michael Kors
“I think in concept the top could’ve worked.” – Zac Posen
“I think when you wear a loose top you have to wear a tight pant and when you wear a tight pant you have to wear a loose top.” – Heidi Klum


design by Ken

design by Ken

“I agree with you it should have more fashion. It is a little too safe and too boring.” – Heidi Klum
“The proportion where you cut this top is too awkward.” – Nina Garcia
“You thought about the function but you forgot about the fashion.” –Michael Kors




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