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Project Runway Recap: ‘A Leap of Innovation’ [S16.Episode 3]

Project Runway. Season 16. Episode 3 on LIFETIME. judges: Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia, Zac Posen. Guest judge: Maddie Ziegler. Host: Heidi Klum. Mentor: Tim Gunn.

This week’s challenge: create a look inspired by dance, movement and innovation.In another inexplicable tie-in/inspiration, designers watch the children’s animated film Leap! as well as a performance by the dance group Hiplet. Designers will have 30 minutes to sketch and $200 to shop at Mood.


Batani: “This challenge is perfect for me. I do hip-hop dance. I do belly dance. I do Indian dance. To bring it together with fashion is just going to be explosive.”

Kentaro remarks that he’s only worked with size 0-4 models. Might be challenging for him that his model this week doesn’t fit that size range. Margarita will use her Puerto Rican culture as inspiration. Ayana has become an early favorite for me. This week she creates her own starry textile. She notes that her design is “flowy and has movement but also looks like stars and looks like midnight. Reach for the stars.”

Kudzanai wants to get the judge’s attention this week as he’s been safe so far. Whenever someone says this they ultimately win or get eliminated. He states: “I’m African so I’m incorporating a lot of different aspects from African culture—feathers, colors, all those aspects of motion and movement.” Deyonte chose a chartreuse fabric. He then has a sewing accident. A needle goes right through his finger. Medics bandage him up and he continues on.


In the workroom, there’s not yet much friction between the designers. The twins seem to annoy everyone. And you know producers were excited to bring this element to the show. Because why not? Twins worked on The Bachelor franchise. Kenya: “I’m just tired of the twins running around the workroom like their heads are cut off.”  Kudzanai: “The twins are a lot. I wish I was sitting somewhere a bit quieter.” Project Runway has always attracted vast swaths of designers, this season’s cast is especially diverse. Michael and Margarita bond over their Latina backgrounds [he’s Mexican; she’s Puerto Rican] and speak Spanish to each other. Brandon, already quiet, gets in what he calls “Zen mode” when designing. He’s so focused that he blocks out all noise and distraction.

Tim comes in for critique. He tells Claire what maybe many are thinking, to “stay away from Red Bull and coffee.” He tells Shawn she might be thinking too literally. He warns Aaron not to make his garment “a pu-pu platter of different treatments.” [side note: do millennials know a pu-pu platter?] He tells Margarita that her design “looks like full tilt costume.” To Ayana: “There’s a lot going on. I’d reel it in a bit.” And to Kudzanai: “It’s a look that’s about being a lot of look and at this point I think you just have to go for it.”

Runway show notes. Deyonte’s design is way too short. Not flattering. Kudzanai’s design isn’t flattering at all. Margarita’s look is puffy. Claire’s looks ill-fitting. Ayana’s look is stunning. Shawn’s look is okay. Batani created a pretty flowy floral look. Samantha’s design is edgy.



batani design ep 3


She tells judges she got her inspiration from the inventor in Leap! She thought about colorful butterflies.

Nina: “When I first saw the shadow of this I already liked it and then when it walked down the runway, the print, the color, the fluidity of the fabric really captured it for me.”

Zac: “I was mixed on it.”

Heidi: “I am a huge fan of Burning Man and a lot of people wear this kind of stuff there. It’s loud. It’s a little bit sexy but a lot of people have wings.”

margarita design ep 3


She tells judges that she’s inspired by dance and that Bomba, the traditional Puerta Rican dance came to mind. “So I set her in a little tropical paradise ensemble,” she states. I didn’t love this look. I wouldn’t have picked it for top three.

Heidi: “I loved this look. It moved beautifully on the runway. It looked sophisticated. Maybe the midriff is a little too open.”

Nina: “I love the spirit of this dress.”

brandon design episode 3


He tells judges that hip-hop was the inspiration. Also something that’s inspired his designs from the beginning. After this runway, I expect Brandon to be showing at NYFW. When I saw his final look I just thought: it’s black and white. It doesn’t appeal to me.  I like man-bun Brandon and his quiet Zen energy though. The models also favor Brandon. He’s handsome. And mysterious.

Nina: “Wow. I love this. I love the creativity. I love its boldness.”

Heidi: “I love your taste. It is fabulous. It is different. Something we haven’t seen before.”

Zac: “These are the moments I wait for on Project Runway. It’s a really focused point of view. It talks about movement and innovation.”


kentaro ep3 design


His inspiration [and his inspiration from the beginning of the competition] is his training as a pianist and classic ballet.

Zac: “I don’t think it had the biggest runway impact. It’s just not enough. I’m not impressed.”

Heidi: “It’s a little too literal. It’s a little too snoozy.”

Nina: “There needed to be some kind of punch when we saw it.”

deyonte ep 3 design


He tells judges his woman is going out on the town to see the Hiplet dancers.

Zac: “It’s definitely vibrant. That’s about it. It’s dull. A sheer skirt and lace top and a mullet hem?”

Guest judge Maddie Ziegler: “This reminds me most of dance because I’ve worn a costume almost exactly like that.”

Heidi: “You guys are designers. This is supposed to be fashion. I see an ice skater. I see bad 80s. It is a little bit painful.”

kudzanai design ep 3


His inspiration is mixed West Indian culture. Earlier in the episode we saw Kudzanai’s African/West Indian backstory.

Heidi: “I feel you got a little too inspired by a children’s movie because it looked very juvenile. It’s also not very flattering. It kinda looks like a piñata that exploded in the back.”

Nina: “This is maximal at the max. You embellished it so much that it’s taking away.”

Brandon is the WINNER.

Kudzanai is OUT.

Project Runway airs Thursday at 9pm on LIFETIME.

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Project Runway S16: meet the designers

pr s16 designers

Season 16 of Project Runway premiered August 17, 2017 on Lifetime. This season designers will design for various sized models (from 2-22 Tim announces in the first episode). The designers will work with a different model on each challenge. They’re also incorporating a model mirror where the models comment about the designs and the designers. Another season featured model “confessions” and I think it didn’t carry over to the next season as its a design show and focus is on the designers not necessarily the models.

The first episode featured a red carpet challenge. Amy stated: “My trunk is packed full of wisdom so I don’t think this is going to be that hard.” Brandon, who designs menswear, said: “I’m out of my element. It’s got me questioning myself and my abilities.”

Deyonte won. ChaCha lost and was eliminated.

Deyonte’s winning design:

deyonte win design ep 1

ChaCha’s losing design:

chacha lose ep 1

On the second episode designers worked in teams on an unconventional materials challenge using recycled materials. Why do they do unconventional and team challenges so early on? During the judging, Claire said: “I’ve never designed for a curvy girl.” Maggie Q whispered to Marie Claire‘s Anne Fulenwider:  “She’s totally normal.” Anne replied: “I think she’s skinnier than I am.”

Ayana won. Sentell lost and was eliminated.

Ayana’s winning design:

win episode 2

Sentell’s losing design:

sentell losing episode 2

Here are the designers:



Age: 23

Hometown: Sevierville, Tenn.

Resides in: Brooklyn, New York

Education: Columbia College Chicago

Style Icon: Alanna Pearl

amy bond


Age: 46

Hometown: Idaho

Resides in: Los Angeles, Calif.

Education: MFA in fashion design

Style Icon: Tilda Swinton

Current: professor at Otis College of Art & Design



Age: 27

Hometown: New York, New York

Resides in: Salt Lake City, Utah

Education: Middle Tennessee State University– textiles, merchandising and design

Style Icons: Chriselle Lim, Rihanna



Age: 32

Hometown: East Los Angeles, Calif.

Resides in: Inglewood, Calif.

Style Icons Rihanna, Janelle Monáe



Age: 24

Hometown: Murray, Utah

Resides in: San Francisco, Calif.

Education: Art Institute of San Francisco

Style Icon: Rihanna



Age: 24

Hometown: Taipei, Taiwan

Resides in: Chicago, Ill.

Education: Art Institute of Chicago– masters in fashion design

Style Icon: Miley Cyrus



Age: 27

Hometown: Grand Ledge, Mich.

Resides in: Grand Ledge, Mich.

Style Icon: Katy Perry



Age: 36

Hometown: Chicago, Ill.

Resides in: Lynwood, Wash.

Style Icon: Beyonce



Age: 37

Hometown: Norfolk, Virginia

Resides in: Atlanta, Georgia

Style Icon: Tracee Ellis Ross



Age: 38

Hometown: Gifu-Ken, Japan

Resides in: Los Angeles, Calif.




Age: 32

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Resides in: Atlanta, GA

Style Icons: Pharrell, A$AP Rocky, David Beckham

margarita press


Age: 30

Hometown: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Resides in: Los Angeles, Calif.

Style Icon: Iris Apfel



Age: 25

Hometown: Oakland, Calif.

Resides in: Oakland, Calif.

Style Icons: Tilda Swinton, Panos Yiapanis



Age: 36

Hometown: Minneapolis, Minn.

Resides in: Minneapolis, Minn.

Style Icon: Janelle Monae




Age: 33

Hometown: New York, NY

Resides in: Bronx, NY

Style Icons: Tracee Ellis Ross, Corinne Bailey Rae, Solange Knowles



Age: 27

Hometown: Grand Ledge, Mich.

Resides in: Grand Ledge, Mich.

Style Icon: Gwen Stefani





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Project Runway S15: meet the designers


Heading into episode three on S15 of Project Runway, two designers have been eliminated: Linda and Ian.

In episode two, the designers needed to design something that would appeal to a wide variety of women. The winner’s design would be sold on the Just Fab website. Laurence won. Linda got eliminated.

winning design by Laurence:


Project Runway S15 Designers



Age: 41

Hometown: Shreveport, LA

Resides in: Shreveport, LA

Favorite Designers: Kanye West, Control Sector, Daniel Patrick

Style Icon: Kanye West, Jesse Boykins, SZA, Rihanna, Janelle Monae, Pharrell

Favorite past Project Runway Designer: Christian Siriano, Samantha Black, Sonjia, Mondo Guerra, Dom Streater



Hometown:  Toronto, Canada

Resides in:  Portland, OR

Favorite Designers:  Jean Paul Gautier, Ungaro, Walter Von Bierendonck and

Martin Margiela

Style Icon:  Madonna

Favorite past Project Runway designer:  Amanda Valentine and Mondo Guerra



Hometown:  Caracas, Venezuela

Resides in:  Miami, FL

Favorite Designers:  Different designers for different moments.  I prefer those with a unique point of view and ideas.

Style Icon:  Bjork



Hometown:  Los Angeles, CA

Resides in:  Los Angeles, CA

Favorite Designers:  Maison Margiela, Acne Studios, Rick Owens, Lanvin,

Nicolas Ghesquiere

Style Icon:  Gwen Stefani

Favorite Past Project Runway Designer:  Seth Aaron



Age: 24

Hometown: Framingham, MA

Resides in: Boston, MA

Favorite Designers: Alexander Wang, Eileen Fisher, Riccardo Tisci, Stella McCartney, Jeremy Scott

Style Icon: Rihanna, Cher, Gwen Stefani

Favorite past Project Runway Designer: Layana Aguilar & Kelly Dempsey

Education: Framingham State University design program



Hometown:  Philadelphia, PA

Resides in:  Philadelphia, PA

Favorite Designers:  D2square, Zac Posen and Versace

Style Icon:  Pam Grier, Lil Kim

Favorite past Project Runway designer: “I don’t have one, I love them all.”

Education: Art Institute of Philadelphia


LINDA MARCUS [eliminated week two]

Age: 55

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

Resides in: Milwaukee, WI

Favorite Designers: Coco Chanel, Christian Dior, Ricky Owens, Vivian Westwood

Style Icon: Iman, Jessica Alba, Zendaya

Favorite past Project Runway Designer: Mondo Guerra, Austin Scarlett, Dom Streater



Age: 41

Hometown: Paris, France

Resides in: Los Angeles, CA

Favorite Designers: Tom ford, Balmain, JPG, Alexander McQueen

Style Icon: Grace Jones

Favorite past Project Runway Designer: Kini Zamora



Age: 42

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Resides in: New York, NY

Favorite Designers: Rodarte, Marchesa, Valentino, Stephane Roland and Vera Wang

Style Icon:  Miroslava Duma

Favorite past Project Runway Designer: Christian Siriano

Education: Art Institute of New York



Age: 22

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Resides in: San Francisco, CA

Favorite past Project Runway Designer: Mondo



Age: 29

Hometown: Provo, UT

Resides in: Cambridge, MA

Favorite Designers: Elsa Schiaparelli, Pheobe Philo, Miuccia Prada, Roksonda Ilincic, Alexander McQueen, Iris Van Herpen,

Style Icon: Anna Dello Russo

Favorite past Project Runway Designer: Sean Kelly

Education: BFA in Fashion Design and Fiber Art from Massachusetts College of Art and Design



Age: 32

Hometown: Oakland, CA

Resides in: Oakland, CA

Favorite Designers: Victor and Rolf, KTZ, Hussein Chalayan

Style Icon: Grace Jones, Prince

Favorite past Project Runway Designer: Michael Costello



Age: 24

Hometown: Boston, MA

Resides in: Boston, MA

Favorite Designers: Marc Jacobs, Rick Owens

Style Icon: Janelle Monae

Favorite past Project Runway Designer: Sonjia Williams

Education: bachelors in Fashion Design and Retailing from Framingham State University



Age: 26

Hometown: Baton Route, LA

Resides in: New Orleans, LA

Favorite Designers: Jean Paul Gaultier, Karl Lagerfeld, and Kenz Style Icon: James Dean

Favorite past Project Runway Designer: Mondo Guerra

Education: Bachelor of Science in Textiles, Apparel and Merchandising from Louisiana State University



Age: 30

Hometown: Boca Raton/Delray Beach, Florida

Resides in:  San Francisco, CA

Favorite Designers: Yves Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, and Christobal Balenciaga

Style Icon: Frida Kahlo, Joan Crawford, Marlene Dietrich, the Mara sisters, Sia, and Kate Blanchet

Favorite past Project Runway Designer: Jay McCarroll

Education: MFA in design (unspecified school)


IAN HARGROVE [eliminated week one]

Age: 30

Hometown: Cary, IL

Resides in: Chicago, IL

Favorite Designers: Proenza Schouler, Altuzarra, Baja East

Style Icon: Jaden Smith, Jenna Lyons

Favorite past Project Runway Designer: Fabio Costa



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STEELE INTERVIEWS: fashion designer Kelly Dempsey [Project Runway]

Project Runway contestant Kelly Dempsey

Project Runway contestant Kelly Dempsey

Fresh, honest, vivacious Boston fashion designer Kelly Dempsey is in the final four of Project Runway S14. The pretty and talented 31-year-old Bostonian has two consecutive wins including the Avant Garde Challenge [Kelly says: “that was my favorite dress so far I couldn’t wait for it to go down the runway
”]. She also won the Unconventional Challenge which puts her at three wins overall and in a solid spot at this point in the competition.

Kelly's winning Avant Garde design inspired by the Brooklyn Bridge

Kelly’s winning Avant Garde design inspired by the Brooklyn Bridge

Her style is edgy
blending street chic and vintage. I’ve been rooting for her from the first episode and not just because she’s from Boston like me. Her infectious positive attitude makes her such a delightful person. Like many cool Bostonians,  Kelly balances her independence and outspokenness with a sweet caring spirit.

another winning design by Kelly

another winning design by Kelly

I recently interviewed Kelly by phone where we bonded over our love of thrifting and The Middle East Club in Cambridge, Mass.

Amy Steele: How did you get into fashion designing?

Kelly Dempsey: Growing up my mom had a craft store in our house she was a very crafty woman and she made a lot of stuff and I kind of grew up watching her design I feel like a lot of clothes we had were second hand clothes like I kind of wanted to be different it was a small town and I didn’t want people to know I was wearing old clothes so I began designing my own things at 8 or 9 (years old)

Amy Steele: You haven’t had training or gone to school for fashion design?

Kelly Dempsey: I went to Mass College of Art for one year. I wanted to try all the avenues. I ended up not finishing because I had already gone so far and I continued on my own to get things moving.

Amy Steele: Where did you learn how to sew and develop techniques?

Kelly Dempsey: A lot of trial and error. I am always learning and you kind of teach yourself whatever you want to learn to mold yourself as a designer. Whatever I am curious about learning I do research on the internet and practice.

Amy Steele: Do you have your own company or line?

Kelly Dempsey:  I do. It was Kelly Couture for a while and I was making a lot of one of a kind designs. I wanted to do my new brand which is Rack Addik — a ready-to-wear urban street glam line . . . and fanny packs.

Amy Steele: Why do you like fashion and fashion designing?

Kelly Dempsey:  I feel like I’m a super creative individual. My mind is always going a million miles a second I do like all different kinds of art. I think fashion is the one I get the most excited about. A painting you just hang it on your wall and look at it and no one sees it. When you see people it’s your first impression of someone. I’m just very outgoing and like to embrace that and add it into my clothes

Kelly Dempsey sketching by the Brooklyn Bridge for the Avant Garde challenge

Kelly Dempsey sketching by the Brooklyn Bridge for the Avant Garde challenge

Amy Steele: What inspires your designs?

Kelly Dempsey: It’s the hardest question people ask and I don’t really have an answer.   Anything and everything inspires me. I just feel it comes from within and I’m super motivated with fashion design and I love it. Seeing different perspectives from different designers I just love the whole process of it.

Amy Steele: Who are some designers you admire?

Kelly Dempsey:  Alexander McQueen. Jeremy Scott. Betsey Johnson.

Amy Steele: Who are you designing for?

Kelly Dempsey: I feel like my market is not 90% of the people…it’s very youthful…the girl is young and she wants to stand out and look amazing all at the same time …demographically I’d say 15 to 35.

Amy Steele: How would you describe yourself as a designer?

Kelly Dempsey: I think as a designer I definitely have that craft store/thrift store embedded in me. I design very eclectic/ in your face but sexy and fun all at the same time.

Amy Steele: What’s it like being a designer in Boston? How does it affect you being a designer in Boston versus New York or LA?

Kelly Dempsey: If I was in Kansas it would suck because you have to go so far to get to any fashion capital…being in Boston it’s so easy to get to New York I could drive there right now…Boston is great because Boston needs me to launch my brand here. It needs more edgy designs. That’s my goal.

When you’re sifting through dollar bins you see things to put together that don’t necessarily belong together. I think it is part of my brain to see things differently. I’d rather be myself and have some people not like me than to be someone I’m not happy with.

Amy Steele: You’re tough.

Kelly discusses her design with PR mentor Tim Gunn

Kelly discusses her design with PR mentor Tim Gunn

Amy Steele: What have you learned being on Project Runway?

Kelly Dempsey: I have learned so much being on Project Runway. I think the experience of working with people who have been in the industry and talking with the other designers I have learned so much. I got more information here in one second than I did in my entire life. You talk to people who live it. Being on the show I had no idea of how I would do. That was like the most crazy thing where I am at this point– I feel being myself is what got me through. I didn’t conform. I took what the judges said and I added it to me. When I get out of here I’m going to need a market.


Amy Steele: What’s the best part of being on the show?

Kelly Dempsey:  I feel like I’ve been struggling and trying to make this work for so long that I needed this in my life to take it to the next level. This is the best opportunity I could have gotten. Being here and making it to the final four is a dream to me. I feel like I have a lot of confidence but this has pushed me to a whole other level.

Kelly's winning design for the Unconventional Challenge

Kelly’s winning design for the Unconventional Challenge

Amy Steele: What are your favorite places in Boston?

Kelly Dempsey: I’m a huge baseball fan– I love Fenway Park. I really like the Charles River on Storrow Drive. There’s a path there by the water…it’s somewhere I can go and center myself. For the last thing I have to say the Middle East in Cambridge Downstairs because I’m a huge hip-hop fan.

Amy Steele: Thank you Kelly and best of luck! We’ll have to go thrifting. I’ll see you on twitter and Instagram.

Kelly Dempsey: Thank you.

**If you like my interviews and coverage of Lifetime TV programs (as well as books and music) please donate so I can keep going. Donation button to right. Thank you.**

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TV news: Project Runway returns for 14th season in August

Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn

Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn

Host and judge Heidi Klum returns for the 14th season of Project Runway along with judges Nina Garcia and Zac Posen and mentor Tim Gunn.

Guest judges this season include:

actress Bella Thorne [Scream]
actress Kiernan Shipka [Mad Men]
actress Tracee Ellis Ross [Black-ish]
actress Paula Patton [About Last Night]
actresses Shiri Appleby and Constance Zimmer [UnREAL]
singer and America’s Got Talent judge Mel B
supermodel Coco Rocha


Project Runway Season 14 premieres August 6 at 9pm ET/PT on Lifetime TV

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Project Runway S13.Ep11RECAP

LEXUS (sponsored) Challenge: create a street chic look that is inspired by NYC

Five designers left—Amanda, Charketa, Emily, Sean and Kini. three or more will be going to New York Fashion Week. It’s a two-day challenge with a $200 budget.

designer Kini

designer Kini

“With Korina being gone, everybody’s having fun and just relaxing,” Kini notes. “There’s not that tense feeling anymore.”

designer Sean

designer Sean

Amanda, inspired by graffiti and color, is designing a maxi dress.
Charketa, inspired by a window display, plans to make a skirt with petals.
Emily wants to design a big hoodie.
Sean saw a guy in a caftan and all-white on the street and wanted to use the clean look of white. He’s doing a high-waisted pant and a “play on” a baseball shirt.
Kini is designing a pencil skirt and trench coat.

Of course being Project Runway, on the second day the designers arrive to see five losing looks. Tim arrives with the button bag.

Second challenge: losing look redux challenge. Take a losing look and re-design it into a winning look. No need to connect it to the other design.

Amanda chooses Fade’s design. Charketa takes Korina’s design because it has a lot of fabric. Emily takes Stephanie’s dress. Kini chooses Mitchell’s red dress. Sean ends up with Sandhya’s pink kid’s outfit.

“I think of doing a structural gown but it’s definitely not a color I would choose,” Sean says.

“We’re SO close to fashion week,” Amanda notes.

The designers of the losing looks are brought back to be assistants. Korina is pissed and rolling her eyes as soon as she walks in. When she realizes she’s with Charketa she is super annoyed.

“As soon as Korina walks in it’s like a black cloud,” Charketa notes.

designer Charketa

designer Charketa

“Korina has the body language that tells the rest of the world to F- off. She is arms crossed, sour-faced. Korina looks pissed,” Sean says.

Korina tells Tim she can’t be there. That she doesn’t want to be there. “It’s very fresh and I’m really upset still,” Korina says. “I wouldn’t be of any help. It’s clear I shouldn’t be here.” Alexander is brought back to help Charketa.

designer Amanda

designer Amanda

Amanda notes: “Getting eliminated sucks for everyone. It’s not any more painful for her.”
Potential foreshadowing or obvious foreshadowing. Emily: “I’m so into my street look I’m not thinking about the redesign.”

Sandhya is so sweet that she thanks Sean for choosing her design. He tells her it was the only one left.

Tim Gunn provides critiques

Tim Gunn provides critiques

Tim doesn’t like what Sean’s doing at all. He doesn’t like the “hospital” blue or the pants or the cheap look of the white fabric.
He tells Char that she’s got a lot going on with her skirt and maybe doesn’t need the pocket. “I’d rather you be in a position where you have to pull back then ramp up,” he says.
He’s unimpressed with Kini’s look. He thinks there’s not enough there. “Can’t we go to Michael Kors and buy this? Where is your signature?

guest judge Shay from Pretty Little LIars

guest judge Shay from Pretty Little LIars

Runway Judging


street chic design by Kini

street chic design by Kini

redux design by Kini

redux design by Kini

“I have mixed feelings. I do like the trench coat but I don’t like what’s underneath.” –Heidi Klum “The gown is so beautiful.”
“Less is more but it’s too much together.” –Nina Garcia
On the gown, Nina says: “It’s the right color. It accents all the right body parts.”


street chic design design by Emily

street chic design design by Emily

redux design by Emily

redux design by Emily

“I don’t mind your street style look but I don’t know if it was the best thing to do on an important day like today.” –Heidi Klum
“To me this oversize hoodie felt homeless and it really freaked me out.” –Zac Posen
On her second look, Zac noted: “There’s not much to talk about.”
“Emily you seem to have a very definite point of view and I am disappointed I didn’t see it with the do-over.” –Nina Garcia


street chic design design by Amanda

street chic design design by Amanda

redux design by Amanda

redux design by Amanda

“Your street chic looks amazing. I loved it. It’s you.” –Nina Garcia
“I love your street style. It’s Bohemian-chic. I love the colors you’ve chosen.” –Heidi Klum


street chic design design by Charketa

street chic design design by Charketa

redux design by Charketa

redux design by Charketa

“You have a nice eye for color. However it needs to look effortless. You have a lot on that skirt.” –Nina Garcia
“You have great ideas they just don’t execute out well.” –Zac Posen


street chic design design by Sean

street chic design design by Sean

redux design by Sean

redux design by Sean

“What is going on here. It’s fantastic! This is spectacular. The cut of the skirt is very unusual.” –Heidi Klum
“It’s probably one of the best pieces I’ve seen on Project Runway.” –Nina Garcia
“It looks original and I was blown away.” –Zac Posen


Amanda, Charketa, Kini and Sean are going to New York Fashion Week.

Emily is out. I liked Emily. I really liked what she herself is wearing at the Runway show.

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Project Runway S13.Ep10 RECAP

Challenge: work in teams of two and create two cohesive looks from materials found in storage bins

The final six meet at Brooklyn Navy Yard and Tim informs them that the teams of two will be bidding on storage bins and whatever is in there they ‘ll use to create their looks. Each team is given $500 to bid with.

“We are about to have storage wars. How fun is that?” –Charketa

Teams are: Amanda and Kini; Emily and Korina; Charketa and Sean


“Needs to be placed in a fashion arena not a costume arena.” –Tim Gunn


Amanda and Kini

design by Amanda and Kini

design by Amanda and Kini

design by Amanda and Kini

design by Amanda and Kini

design by Amanda and Kini

design by Amanda and Kini

Amanda describes their look as “American pop-star in Tokyo.”
“ I really like this.” –Nina Garcia
“To me what is outstanding is your football-soccer dress.” –Zac Posen
“You the most creative group here.” –Heidi Klum



Sean and Charketa

design by Char and Sean

design by Char and Sean

design by Char and Sean

design by Char and Sean

design by Char and Sean

design by Char and Sean

“Definitely cohesion here. I’m a fan of the moving coat jacket. It looks polished.” –Zac Posen
“The proportions are a little bit of a problem. I hate that she couldn’t move.” –Christian Siriano

Emily and Korina

design by Emily and Korina

design by Emily and Korina

design by Emily and Korina

design by Emily and Korina

design by Emily and Korina

design by Emily and Korina

“There is nothing contemporary here. Any ethnic I like that but they look so dated.” Nina Garcia says. “Korina I’ve seen you do the Southwestern theme four times now.”
“I feel you had a clear concept.” –Heidi Klum
“There’s more soul here.” –Zac Posen



Kini is the WINNER




Heidi decides to have a tie-breaker. They have one hour to create a new look. Doesn’t have to be related to the challenge. Korina is pissed because she’s been annoyed at Charketa all along because she got eliminated and then saved by Tim.

Korina working

Korina working

“I don’t think our looks were equal enough to be a tie-breaker,” Korina laments. “I’m so much of a better designer—she’s already been eliminated.”
They’re working for the hour with their teammates and Emily can’t stand all Korina’s complaining about Charketa.

“The comments that she makes mek me not want to help her and then her model starts chiming in as well,” Emily said. “This is really bad energy. The resentfulness that Korina is feeling, it’s gonna show in her dress.”


final design by Korina

final design by Korina


final design by Charketa

final design by Charketa

Charketa is SAFE

Korina is OUT

Charketa working

Charketa working

It’s very stressful for Char. She says: “I’m a fashion designer at heart. That’s what I do.”

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Project Runway S13.Ep6 RECAP

Tim Gunn and Dita Von Teese present the challenge

Tim Gunn and Dita Von Teese present the challenge

Challenge: create alternative wedding and reception dress looks

Amanda working on her design.

Amanda working on her design.

The designers must work in teams of two. The teams: Emily and Fade; Kini and Sean; Charketa and Sandhya; Alexander and Stephanie and Korina and Amanda. Even though they seemed to like each other early on and are roommates, Korina and Amanda now possess a tense relationship. Korina and Charketa don’t like that Amanda got brought back to compete this season and both told her so. Charketa even said that Amanda’s “taking away spots from other designers” with her wins. Ouch. Amanda, who I really like—great style and attitude—breaks down briefly and heads to the designer’s lounge. She runs in to Fade who offers her support.

Sean shops Mood.

Sean shops Mood.

Emily and Fade go for a Goth-style wedding. I actually like it but not sure if the two pieces work well together. Emily: “I feel my design in relation to the others a lot darker.”

Kini and Sean decide to design for a gay couple. Kini creates a gorgeous black dress with tuxedo-ish top and flouncy bottom. If he’s chosen a dark purple or burgundy it would’ve been much better. Sean, who designs menswear, made some lovely high-waisted tuxedo pants but that’s all he had time to complete. So of course Kini designed the top (which the judges ended up loving). It’s a flowy white blouse with a low cut V-neck front.

Charketa and Sandhya work okay together but chose bright bright yellow. Oh no! Everyone knows that’s an unforgiving and difficult color to work with on any skin tone. They don’t fare well. Alexander and Stephanie also choose an unfortunate fabric. Well, it’s a pretty lacy burgundy but what they do with it is awful. Amanda decides not to make waves working with Korina and they design black and white pieces. Amanda does a pretty A-line black and white dress. Korina does a pants suit with pants that are way too tight.

The judging


Amanda and Korina are safe.

design by Amanda

design by Amanda

design by Korina

design by Korina


Sean and Kini

design by kini

design by kini

design by Sean

design by Sean

“You did and incredible job. This is the best of the best on the runway.” –Zac Posen

“It is a very good play on masculine and feminine.” –Nina Garcia

“The clothes look impeccable.” –Heidi Klum

Emily and Fade

design by Emily

design by Emily

design by Fade

design by Fade

“I don’t think Elvira would even wear this.” –Zac Posen

“It is Goth and out there but I like both fabrics and how you mixed it.” –Heidi Klum

“The sleeves are overpowering her. It’s either the sleeve or the hood. “—Nina Garcia


Charketa and Sandhya

design by Sandhya

design by Sandhya

design by Charketa

design by Charketa

“This is a shocker. To me it is an epic fail.” –Heidi Klum

“It’s a like a toilet paper accident.” –Zac Posen

“I don’t mind the yellow color but I think both dresses are messed up.” –guest judge, fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni

Alexander and Stephanie

design by Alexander

design by Alexander

design by Stephanie

design by Stephanie

“It’s overwhelming. It feels very old vs. old-fashioned.” –Nina Garcia

“The jarring part to me is you tried to create an organic texture but then there’s a seam. It feels like a chain mall.” –Zac Posen

“I would never think of white and burgundy going together.” –guest judge Dita Von Teese


CHARKETA is eliminated.

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Project Runway S13:Ep3 RECAP

tim gunn and anne fulenwider

tim gunn and anne fulenwider

As the designers walk out to the runway to hear about the latest challenge, there are Marie Claire covers all over the walls. Amanda gushes: “Marie Claire covers with the original supermodels. This is so up my alley. [Project Runway cliché.] I am thrilled.”

Executive-in-Chief of Marie Claire, Anne Fulenwider is a guest judge along with Undone host Amanda deCadenet. It’s Marie Claire’s 20th anniversary. The magazine hit shelves in 1994. Heidi had just arrived in New York as a 21-year-old model. Tim already had been teaching at Parsons for 12 years. Nina worked as a production assistant in the garment district. And cutie-pie Zac was 14 years old and “probably wearing vests over t-shirts.”

The challenge: design for Marie Claire 2034. Or “what the future of fashion looks like through your design aesthetic,” says Tim.


Nothing terribly exciting going on except that per usual no one liked Sandhya’s design or could even figure out what she was doing. I’ve yet to have issue with Sandhya and her work. Alexander said what everyone thought: “I’m confused by Sandhya.” Sandhya is this season’s Patricia [S11]. When Alexander’s model came in for the fitting, the bust didn’t fit properly. Doesn’t he have her measurements?

Tim to Christine: “Tomorrow on the runway exude unconditional confidence.” This sounds like a fantastic inspirational mantra.



design by Emily

design by Emily

“I like your mixture of textures.” –Heidi Klum

“When this came out, I said I need one of those.” — Amanda deCadenet

“It felt today and it felt tomorrow.” –Zac Posen


design by Kristine

design by Kristine

“I love this outfit. I love the functionality.” –Nina Garcia

“This is my favorite look. I think it’s super sexy.” –Heidi Klum


design by Sandhya

design by Sandhya

“It’s beautiful. It’s refreshing. I like mix between fantasy and reality. I think you did a phenomenal job.” –Nina Garcia

“It’s weird in a good way.” –Zac Posen



design by Sean

design by Sean

“That slit is beyond high and very bizarre.” –Heidi Klum

“I like the hat. I thought it was like Mary Poppins went shopping at Prada.” –Zac Posen


design by Alexander

design by Alexander

“It looks like an old blanket. It’s like a potato sack.” –Heidi Klum

“It’s very plain. It looks like the Flintstones.” –Anne Fulenwider

Angela– OUT

design by Angela

design by Angela

“I felt it was stewardess from future and I’d be afraid to get on her plane.” –Zac Posen

“I think it’s too short.” –Anne Fulenwider

“The cut is a little sloppy.” –Nina Garcia

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a primer: Project Runway Season 13


The gang is back: host Heidi Klum, mentor Tim Gunn and judges Nina Garcia (Marie Claire) and designer Zac Posen. This season, fans got to vote through Instagram on the one past designer they wanted to see compete again. Fans voted through Instagram for either Ken Laurence (Season 12), Alexander Pope (Season 12) or Amanda Valentine (Season 11). The winning designer will be revealed in the premiere episode and will be competing against 18 Project Runway newbies.

PR S13 ep1

The Project Runway Season 13 Designers:


Alexander Knox, 22
Hometown: Chicago
Resides in: Chicago


Angela Sum, 32
Hometown: Toronto
Resides in: Los Angeles


Carrie Sleutskaya, 24
Hometown: San Diego
Resides in: Los Angeles


Charketa Glover, 37
Hometown: Detroit
Resides in: Detroit


Emily Payne, 40
Hometown: Temple, Texas
Resides in: San Francisco


Emmanuel Tobias, 29
Hometown: Dallas
Resides in: Dallas


Fade zu grau, 45
Hometown: Coral Gables, Fla.
Resides in: Coral Gables, Fla.


Hernan Lander, 33
Hometown: San Francisco De Macoris, Dominican Republic
Resides in: New York


Jefferson Musanda, 25
Hometown: Lynn, Mass.
Resides in: Brooklyn


Kiniokahokula Zamora, 30
Hometown: Kapolei, HI
Resides in: Honolulu, HI


Korina Emmerich, 28
Hometown: Eugene, Ore.
Resides in: Brooklyn


Kristine Guico, 26
Hometown: Naperville, Ill.
Resides in: Brooklyn


Mitchell Perry, 25
Hometown: Jacksonville, Fla.
Resides in: Fort Lauderdale, Fla.


Nzinga Knight, 33
Hometown: Brooklyn
Resides in: Brooklyn


Samantha Plasencia, 27
Hometown: San Antonio
Resides in: San Antonio


Sandhya Garg, 28
Hometown: Birmingham, Ala.
Resides in: Birmingham, Ala.


Sean Kelly, 25
Hometown: Wellington, New Zealand
Resides in: Brooklyn


Tim Navarro, 32
Hometown: Rochester, Minn.
Resides in: Minneapolis


The winner of Project Runway Season 13 will receive: $100,000 from Red Robin to launch their own business, a sewing and crafting studio from Brother International Corporation, an entertainment center from Samsung, car from Lexus and a fashion spread in Marie Claire magazine.


Project Runway Season 13 airs Thursday, July 24 at 9pm ET/PT

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