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new music: The Ladies of the Night; Parson James

The Ladies of the Night, “Sad Time for Music”

Margaret Cotton’s potent and gloomy vocals [parts Garbage’s Shirley Manson and parts Lykke Li] combine with a meditative melody for this gorgeously reflective and intriguing song from the southern California band. It’s a song which reflects today’s popular music. Bassist James Turner stated: “We want to continue where the great songwriting left off in the late 70’s. Musically, only rich songwriting can give you goosebumps.” Under band interests on its Facebook page: Cunnilingus. Coffee. Cannabis Vapor. Classical Music.

The Ladies of the Night is:

Buddy Price: Lead Guitar
Margaret Cotten: Rhythm Guitar / Vocals
James Turner: Bass Guitar
Al Wilde: Keyboard
Melvyn Grant: Drums

Parson James, “Sad Song”

The soul pop artist’s catchy new song addresses the realities of a relationship not working out. It’s about being yourself and being confident in yourself despite heartbreak. It’s a positive affirmation that not every relationship works out and it doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with you if it doesn’t. “And you were no good for me and I was no good for you.” Parson James shines with crisp vocals, an impressive vocal range and cool song crafting.


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new music: ARO; Parson James

ARO, “I Can Change”

–lovely cover of the LCD Soundsystem original with gorgeous, haunting vocals and a beautiful arrangement. I’m a fan. She embraces the darker side while retaining a vulnerability. ARO is British-born singer and daughter of Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne, Aimee Osbourne. Aimee avoided the family spotlight at age 16, choosing not to be part of the family’s reality series. She says: “It’s natural to want to rebel against what your parents do. Once I accepted music was my path, I rebelled by wanting to do it my own way. I also didn’t think it was respectful to my father’s career and creativity to assume that I could jump on the back of all he had worked his entire life for.” ARO will perform at SXSW in March. She divides her time between Los Angeles and London.

Parson James, “Waiting Game”

–born in the Bible belt, bi-racial and gay singer/songwriter Parson James faced numerous prejudices and challenges. He wrote music to escape and to express himself as many artists do. the result: bluesy, heartfelt songs on the The Temple EP out February 5, 2016. In this short documentary features the song “Waiting Game” as well as James speaking about growing up in a conservative town.


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