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MUSIC: live and local last night at TTs

Parlour Bells

I found out about Parlour Bells quite a while ago– actually reviewed the Heart Beatings EP in 2010. So it’s rather embarrassing that I’ve yet to see one of my favorite local bands live. Yes, I do have a few favorites [Freezepop, Gentleman Hall, Wheat, Static of the Gods], despite my lack of local connections. Vocalist Glenn di Benedetto and I communicate frequently via Facebook and Twitter]. Finally I managed to transport my pathetic depressed self out to see the band play and it was well worth it [thank you again to Kerry at CQ Presents].

The band performed a grooving, bewitching, smoldering set with a batch of new songs including an ode to recently departed alternative radio station WFNX called “Airwaves.”

Parlour Bells is:

Nate Leavitt – Guitar
Glenn di Benedetto – Vocals
Magen Tracy – Synth
Brendan Boogie – Bass
Brandon Erdos – Drums


Sidewalk Driver

Sidewalk Driver played a hyper-kinetic set of retro-infused rock/pop songs. I’m not sure I quite “got” the overly theatrical lead singer’s performance and felt it served as more of a detraction from the talented band than an enhancement to the show. But the crowd enjoyed it. Super fun songs.

The Sun Shines

Sidewalk Driver is:

Tad McKitterick – Lead Vocals
Kate Murdoch – Guitar & Vocals
A.J. Locke – Drums
Jared Egan – Lead Guitar
Jonn Smith – Bass


TT the Bear’s Place website

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Parlour Bells new single “I’d Like to Think”

another great track.
beautiful. catchy. anthemic.

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music review: Parlour Bells

Unfettered seduction. Darkly romantic. From the first note, Parlour Bells makes me envision a setting rich with martinis, plush velvet, martinis, smudged gray eye shadow and tousled hair. Songwriting duo of Nate Leavitt and Glenn di Benedetto create dreamy pop songs in the vein of Roxy Music, The National and Tindersticks. di Benedetto’s sensual voice combines with soothing melodies and thoughtful, quirky lyrics. My favorites: “Pet Names” and “The Gargoyle.”

Download the EP at Bandcamp site

Parlour Bells website

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