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new music: Drab Majesty


Drab Majesty, the noir synth-pop project of musician Deb Demure and vocalist Mona D, have a new single out from their upcoming album Modern Mirror, which will be released in July 2019. The dark, dreamy and very 80s New Wave “Ellipsis” is a modern interpretation of Ovid’s “Narcissus.”

Modern Mirror  track list:
1. A Dialogue
2. The Other Side
3. Ellipsis
4. Noise of the Void
5. Dolls in the Dark
6. Oxytocin
7. Long Division
8. Out of Sequence

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show preview: Modern English at Middle East Downstairs Tuesday, June 7, 2016


While at the Trashcan Sinatras show last month at the Middle East Upstairs, I overheard a guy, while perusing the posters for upcoming shows, say: “Modern English. There’s a one-hit wonder.” Is the band a one-hit wonder? Not really. Modern English just never hit that big in the United States. Sure, no 80s party would be complete without a spin of “Melt with You” but that track never hit the top ten. Honestly I’ve never adored “Melt with You” but I’ve been listening to the band’s earlier material and its superb. I expect to me fully engulfed in gorgeous gloominess tonight. The band formed in Colchester, Essex, English in 1979.On its first album Mesh & Lace (1981), Modern English possesses a similar sound and energy, favoring dark deep beats and lyrics, to other post-punk 80s artists such as Echo & the Bunnymen and Bauhaus. 1990’s Pillow Lips embraces a gentler, more upbeat sound. Modern English will release a new album soon. Contribute via Pledge Music.

modern english then

Modern English is:

Robbie Grey [vocals]
Gary McDowell [guitar, vocals]
Michael Conroy [bass, vocals]
Stephen Walker [keyboards]


Mesh & Lace (1981)

After the Snow (1982)

Ricochet Days (1984)

Stop Start (1986)

Pillow Lips (1990)


Modern English–Tuesday, June 7, 2016– at The Middle East Downstairs.


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music preview: Men Without Hats at Johnny D’s on June 17


Men Without Hats then

Men Without Hats then

founded in Montreal in 1977 by Ivan Doroschuk (vocals, keyboards) with Jeremie Arrobas (keyboards & electronics), as well as Ivan’s brother Stefan (guitars). Struggling for recognition in Canada, Men Without Hats broke out in Europe and then in the United States effectively shaping 80s music when Men Without Hats scored a top ten hit with “The Safety Dance” in 1983 and then again in 1987 with “Pop Goes the World.” The band’s videos are a slice of 80s glamour, excess and fun. Just look at Ivan’s luscious locks back then. Men Without Hats broke up and reformed several times in the mid-90s and again in 2010. The current line-up includes keyboard players Lou Dawson and Rachel Ashmore and guitarist James Love.

On tour now, the band will be at Johnny D’s in Somerville on Wednesday, June 17.

Men Without Hats now

Men Without Hats now

sound: 80s new wave, electronica, upbeat fun


Rhythm of Youth [1982]
Folk of the 80’s [1984]
Pop Goes the World [1987]
The Adventures of Women & Men Without Hate in the 21st Century [1989]
Sideways [1991]
No Hats Beyond This Point [2003]
Love in the Age of War [2012]

find Men Without Hats on Facebook and Twitter

Tour Dates:

Saturday, June 13 Montage Music Hall, Rochester, NY

Monday, June 15, World Café Live, Philadelphia

Tuesday, June 15, Open Arts Theatre, Bordentown, NJ

Wednesday, June 17, Johnny D’s, Somerville, Mass.

Friday, June 18, Revolution Bar and Music Hall, Amityville, NY

Saturday, June 20, Iridium Jazz Club, New York, NY

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