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Shiva Rea Meditations: DVD review


When I first took a yoga class 20 years ago, I didn’t like Shavasana at the end. It took some time before I could settle in and breathe into the quiet mediation that typically closes any yoga workout. The teachers didn’t make me feel safe. I’ve tried several yoga DVDs and Shiva Rea’s the best. A marvelous guide and inspirational yogini. I’m a fan and often use her wonderful DVDs.

Renowned yoga teacher and flow expert Rea collected her various mediations on one DVD. Settings include the Greek island of Santorini and New Mexico’s White Sands National Park. Meditations from previously released programs such as Daily Energy, Fluid Power, A.M. Energy, Yoga Trance Dance, Radiant Heart Yoga, Yogini and Yoga in Greece. Shiva Rea guides you through each meditation and scenic settings boost the mood.

Whether you want to perk up, cool down or completely bliss out you’re covered here. Use the cool and uncomplicated matrix to improve your overall health by increasing blood flow via solar, lunar, Shavasana, heart opening, mantra and mudra (hand gestures) options. Rea’s unique flow style might feel strange at first but is completely liberating and opens you up.

Shiva Rea Meditations
100 min.

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