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DVD review: Marley and Me

The film starts off predictably cute as newly married couple John [Owen Wilson] and Jen [Jennifer Aniston] Grogan move to Florida and get a golden retriever puppy. Marley is an incorrigible pup which leads to two talented stars chasing a dog around or being dragged by the dog or just being plain silly for a good chunk at the start of the film. But suddenly, Marley and Me becomes a sweet film that focuses on relationships and life choices. John watches his friend Sebastian [Grey’s Anatomy hunk Eric Danes] globetrot his way to super-journalist at the New York Times, while he writes a column about life in and around Florida and with his dog. Jen gives up her successful reporter position because, “When I’m home all I think about is work and when I’m at work all I think about is home, and I don’t want to do anything 50%.”

Marley and Me rings true in its exploration of those decisions that we make and that where we may end up may not be where we expected but it is all about what we do once we get there. Plus, we can continue to change and grow whenever and wherever we are. And everything might be easier with the support of a dog [perhaps a cat too? as I’m not a “dog person”].

extras include: focus on all the different Marleys used in the film (22!), deleted scenes and a gag reel.

Grade: B+

Available on DVD March 31



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