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Norah Jones: music review

Break-up albums aren’t anything new: Adele, Alanis Morissette, Kelly Clarkson and many other artists use what they know to heal. They write songs. They sing through their pain and into healing. The latest album from Norah Jones, Little Broken Hearts, taps into heartache and loss. And I guarantee it will be played again and again and the listener will discover novel connections to each song at every listen. Jones sings with a raspy innocent voice which draws you in from the first song to the last. Such exquisite vocals and superb, unusual arrangements. Her soft, moody vocals blend with a little jazz, a little folk, a little R&B, a little pop making the singer/songwriter truly stand-out. She’s unique, not easily imitated, honest and true.

A deep calypso beat propels “Say Goodbye.” “Good Morning” and “Take It Back”are slowly simmering songs. “After the Fall” and “Happy Pills” feature funkier beats and arrangements. The haunting and stunning “Miriam”retells the Bible story of Moses’s outspoken sister. Little Broken Hearts should be listened to in its entirety. Sweetness, heartache, anger and relief can be felt in her expertly-crafted songs. Little Broken Hearts churns with dark thoughts in a lush, gorgeous manner.

Norah Jones
Little Broken Hearts
Label: Blue Note/EMI
Release date: May 2012

purchase at Amazon: Little Broken Hearts

–review by Amy Steele


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