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book review: Life As I Blow It

Life As I Blow It , by Sarah Colonna. Publisher: Villard Books (February 2012). memoir. 978-0-345-52837-7. Trade paperback, 256 pages.

There’s a romantic me that has always wanted to be swept off her feet, but the realistic and ambitious me doesn’t believe in the fantasy .

If you’ve watched Chelsea Lately then you know staff writer/ roundtable regular Sarah Colonna. She always stood out for me as one of the roundtable comedians. Perhaps due to her honest and self-effacing manner. Or the petite wavy-haired blonde’s confidence. She wouldn’t have the job she does if she weren’t funny and clever. She’s also over 35 and single, still a novelty these days for some strange reason.

I’m thirty-six years old, but I don’t feel like it. Some days I feel like I’m twenty-one, some days I feel like I’m pushing sixty.

So, another comedian writes a book/ memoir. Sarah tells terrific stories and her path from small-town Arkansas dreamer to Hollywood success story is in-arguably remarkable. Sarah didn’t arrive in Los Angeles and flash a smile and boobs. She worked and struggled as a stand-up comic and actor while making money as a waitress or bartender.

The things I had loved most about Nick were that he had similar interests as me, and had aspects of being responsible, but was still fun. I’ve found throughout my life that that is a hard combination to find.

Sarah recalls dates, boyfriends, drinking, working at restaurants and her path to becoming a steadily working comic. All the while Sarah struggles to balance her sensible side with her fun side. There’s a ton of drinking in this book and plenty of sexual encounters. Sarah clearly likes drinking and sex—dates, one-night-stands and relationships. For me, intelligent humor and edgy humor is the best and that’s what Sarah Colonna brings to Life As I Blow It.

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