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Searchlight by ONLY SON: music review

Release date: January 18, 2011

Dreamy and atmospheric, the songs on Searchlight feature simultaneous bursts of wistful romanticism and melancholy. It lulls me into a hazy, contentedly brooding mindset. Yes, that’s sometimes a good thing to be present in the depths of a singer/songwriter’s mind. Jack Dishel provides blissfully sarcastic and hilarious observations. I’ve always adored a combination of darkness and light in music. Here Dishel’s sweeter compositions layer above darker sentiments.

The opening track “Magic” features a lush, 60s-esque pop melody and resplendent vocals: “it’s magic until you know how it works/ no one wants to see how you do it/ the secret is all you’re worth.” A kicky guitar chord boosts the super-catchy “Pop the Reins.” One of the best lyrics EVER is on the swirling “Falling Behind in the Game:” “I’m always surrounded by beautiful things/ sometimes I get jealous and wanta just cave them all in.” The amusing “It’s a Boy” etches out the perfect child with brilliant commentary on our society’s drive for perfection. Dishel harmonizes perfectly with Regina Spektor on “Call Them Brothers,” a song the duo co-wrote. Other guest musicians on the album include members of The Strokes, Of Montreal and Robbers On High Street. Searchlight is best played in its entirety and on repeat.

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