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My favorite music releases this year (so far)

Adele- 21
–soulful, heartfelt, strong

Death Cab for Cutie- Codes and Keys
–adore this melodic indie band

Nick Jaina- The Beanstalks that have Brought Us Here Have Gone
–impressive range of moods, vocals and compositions. talented women with distinctive voices

The Decemberists- The King is Dead

PJ Harvey- Let England Shake
–songs about England’s history told in a manner only PJ Harvey can do. such an amazing album.

Cake- Showroom of Compassion
–quirky, infectious, great to work-out to

If By Yes- Salt on Sea Glass

The Strokes- Angles

Elbow- Build a Rocket Boys
–so understated that its simplicity is its charm

Rachel Platten- Be Here
–underlying cerebral, often serious-minded messages amidst catchy chords and dulcet vocals.

The Coathangers- Larcey & Old Lace
–The Coathangers growl, grind and sneer through its power rock songs.

The Living Sisters- Love to Live
–This lush aural tapestry with sweet voices harmonizing will make you put the album on repeat.

Juliana Hatfield- There’s Always Another Girl
–I’ve always liked Hatfield’s moody songs as I can easily relate to the topics Hatfield frequently sings about.

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If By Yes: music review

Salt on Sea Glass
Chimera Records
Release date: march 22

If By Yes pulls you in with a futuristic, hypnotic blend of darkness and light. Pure, crisp, dulcet vocals, unusual musical instrumentation and arrangements prove addictive. The band, featuring Petra Haden [That Dog] and Yuka Honda [Cibo Matto] boldly blends genres with splendor and an expert grace. East literally meets West. Both artists possess extensively diverse talent. Haden is mostly indie rock and Honda is mostly indie pop. Guitarist Hirotaka “Shimmy” Shimizu and drummer Yuko Araki [from the Japanese band Cornelius] round out If By Yes. Magnificent. The opening track “You Feel Right” is soothing, upbeat, and simple while the Curve-esque “You’re Something” features layered, heavier Gothic beats. You’ll be transported to faraway lands with the swaying exotic melody of “Imagino.” I’ve found another outstanding band to obsess about.

If By Yes website

purchase at Amazon: Salt on Sea Glass

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