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Ari Hest: music review

Label: Mercer Street
Release date: March 1, 2011

On his latest album, Sunset Over Hope Street, singer/songwriter Ari Hest infuses creative instrumentation [acoustic guitar, classical guitar, mellotron, xylophone, strings and various percussion] and eclectic genres to enhance his soothing, robust folk-pop sound. The New Yorker writes thoughtful, moody, often wistful songs where he digs deep and allows the listener to share in his doubts, hopes, aspirations and fears. “How Would I Know” finds Hest contemplating a relationship and wondering if it’s the right thing: “How would I Know if this is it/ how would I know if this was for sure/ what’s been for sure in my world.” Snappy percussion fuels a provocative message about greed on “Business of America” and maracas give “Swan Song” a Latin vibe, while there’s a more romantic feel on “Give it Time.”

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