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show review: Katy Perry at House of Blues Wednesday

Katy arrives on stage in silver sequined bustier and black hot pants. She has killer long legs. The band wears white suits. That great shiny bob and bangs suit her so well. Her voice is great as she works into her first few songs. The impressive vocal range hits high/ low notes and swings into high energy pop songs and slower ballads. All her songs exude attitude, independence and sexiness.

The highlights:

She pulls a flaming gay on stage to dance and sing with her for the super upbeat and danceable, catchy “Hot N Cold.” Wonderful! She has such intimate interaction with the crowd. I love that about Katy.

Before one song—“Self Inflicted”– she talks about not being very good with boys and that she used to go to a Christian roller skating rink and had a crush on a boy who looked like Jonathan Taylor Thomas. “JTT where are you? I had a crush on him,” she says.

At another point, she talks to a couple in the audience and then says that in relationships there is “no warranty, no guarantee, no nothing. And you know we all still look through your phone.”

“I don’t need a boyfriend. I’ve got one hand.”

She then dedicates “If You Want Me” to “those not giving it away for free” (so that counts me out)

Then she re-emerges in a pink, sparkly leopard cat outfit. Leggings with a tail and a pink bra to sing her most well-known song “I Kissed a Girl.”

Katy Perry is a magnificent performer. Outstanding! Dynamic and charming.


Since this was my first outing to the House of Blues, I must say, I am not at all impressed. It looks just like Avalon. They just added to balconies. The bathrooms were not even renovated. I wish they had at least put hooks on the back of the bathroom doors. A girl needs to put her purse somewhere while she pees. There are now bathrooms when you enter the club but who wants to wait in a huge line?


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