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cookbook review: Clean Green Eats

clean green eats

Clean Green Eats by Candice Kumai. HarperWave| 2015| $27.99| ISBN: 9780062388735

This is not a vegan cookbook but it’s a great starting point for those considering a vegan diet. Many vegan recipes included and those that aren’t can be veganized. It’s a visually stunning cookbook and there are numerous recipes in it that I enjoy: Roasted Kabocha Squash Salad; Sweet Kale Lemonade; Coconut-Date Scones; Kale Quinoa Tabbouleh; Parsnip and Leek Detox Soup; Green Matcha Tea Loaf Cake and Homemade Coconut Cake. Being clean and green means using less ingredients. The recipes are relatively straight-forward and don’t require impossible to locate ingredients.

I saw Candice Kumai on The Wendy Williams Show. Wendy went vegan recently and Candice shared several of her green recipes. Being clean green, she utilizes on many deep healthy greens like kale and broccoli rabe in her recipes. Here’s how Candice describes clean eating: “A lifestyle that involves consuming real food in or as close to its most natural state as possible. Eating to nourish and cleanse the body and mind. Educating yourself on where food comes from. Purchasing or growing foods that are nutritious, unprocessed, and sustainable.” She shares a green cleanse—a two week cleanse with green juices and avoiding dairy, added sugar, animal protein, alcohol, caffeine. Some clean detox foods include cabbage, cilantro, coconut oil, avocado, collard greens, extra-virgin olive oil, melon, kale and miso paste.

Clean Green Eats is divided into these sections: How to Eat Again; The Clean Green Cleanse; Clean Green Cleansing Juices and Smoothies; Green and Gorgeous Breakfasts and Brunches; Clean Green Salads; Clean Green Soups; Clean Green Snacks; Clean Green Burgers and Sandwiches; Clean Green Sides; Clean Green Veggie Mains; Clean Green Meat Mains; Clean Green Pizzas and Pastas; Clean Green Sweets and Treats; Clean Green Basics; and Ten Clean Green Salad Dressings.

At 23, Candice Kumai was the youngest chef competing on the first season of Top Chef. Her previous cookbooks include Cook Yourself Thin, Pretty Delicious, Cook Yourself Sexy and Clean Green Drinks.

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for review from Harper Collins.

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interesting facts gathered from SUPERFOODS by Tonia Reinhard

My favorite superfoods: Brussels sprouts; kale; quinoa; watermelon; winter squash; tomatoes; chickpeas; romaine lettuce; dark chocolate; and brown rice.


–Corn is a good source of vitamin C.

–Ginger contains properties to help w/ inflammation [and of course nausea and vomiting which is why ginger ale has been popular when people feel upset stomachs].

–The Incas called Quinoa chisaya mama — “mother of all grains.”

–Sage (Salvia officianalis)–Latin= save. Used by Greeks to treat snake bites. Contains antimicrobial/ antioxidant properties.

–Turmeric is medicinally utilized as an antiseptic and antibacterial.

–A dish prepared with spinach is called “Florentine” because in Florence in 1500s, spinach was Catherine de Medici’s favorite food.

–Spinach originated in Nepal.

–Cabbage is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids.

–Kale has two times the levels of antioxidants as other leafy greens. I love kale.

–Tea contains antioxidant phytochemicals which make teas beneficial in combating disease.

–Dark chocolate is a source of manganese, copper, iron and magnesium. It contains antioxidant flavonol which according to studies can lower blood pressure, improve blood flow and reduce blood clotting.

–Asparagus has vitamins A, C, K and is high in fiber.

–Collard greens are high in calcium and potassium and antioxidants.

–Brussels sprouts contain omega-a fatty acids, 150% of daily recommend value of vitamin C, fiber and antioxidants.

–Romaine lettuce has vitamins B1 and B2, vitamins A, C, and K plus iron and potassium.

–Chickpeas contain vitamins B6 and antioxidants.

–Sunflower seeds have vitamin B6, fiber, protein, iron and vitamin E.

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