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Throwback Thursday: FUZZY interviews [playing WMBR Pipeline! Anniversary show #8]


interviews with Fuzzy in 1996 and 1999 for INSTANT magazine.

Fuzzy 1996

Here’s are a few excerpts from my 1996 interview with singer/guitarist Hilken Mancini:

Amy Steele: What do you think makes the band work?

Hilken Mancini: That we’re friends before anything else and it doesn’t matter much about anything. We like hanging out and writing songs together but when it comes down to it, we’re always gonna make dinner together, maybe barbecue some chicken, drink beer and not really care that much about all the bullshit. I think that being friends before anything else is a really important thing and that we care about each other. I sound all new age now . . .

Amy Steele: Do you all collaborate on all the songs together?

Hilken Mancini: It’s mostly a collaboration but it maybe starts out with Chris or me singing a melody and bringing it to the band and the then the band, meaning, Chris, Winston and I sit around and make a bridge and bring it together.

Amy Steele: Do you remember a turning point that made you want to be in a band?

Hilken Mancini: I just thought it was the coolest thing to be able to write songs and do something like that. If you were 12 years old and someone told you you were going to be traveling all around in a rock band . . . Come on! It’s something you just thought you would never do.

Amy Steele: Do you and Chris feel like you have to break stereotypes?

Hilken Mancini: Not really. I don’t think about being a girl too much. Obviously I do when I’m going on a date. But as far as being on stage, I think that we are being whatever we are and not really trying to make any statements. But I think that it’s great that I know a lot of women who are in bands and can talk about what kind of guitars they like. I think it’s kind of fun and I respect a lot of women that are playing right now.

NOTE: Hilken has been running Girls Rock Band Camp Boston for years now.

Hilken in her band Shepherdess

Hilken in her band Shepherdess

from a 1999 profile:

on lyrics, writing songs:

Chris Toppin: I don’t analyze ideas. I do it subconsciously and it’s almost like therapy. When I look back on it and think that’s what I was thinking, it’s scary.

Hilken Mancini: There is a driving sense that I want to say something or need to do this. I have to explain things to myself through songwriting. We’re coming from a more personal place than before.”

Fuzzy at record release party in 1999

Fuzzy at record release party in 1999

on touring:

Hilken Mancini: The fact that you can write songs and share them with people is great. It’s amazing because that’s something I can do. I like going on tour and figuring out what to wear and what make-up to put on.


on album Hurray for Everything:

Chris Toppin: Hurray for Everything is a documentation of us and how we feel about each other and how we work together. It’s now more rhythm oriented. We have a better idea of what we want to hear.

on the band:

Winston Braman: We try to have a good time and hope it is infectious for the audience. We hope everybody is on the same wavelength and enjoys it. You wan that idea that ‘I want to have what they’re having’ when you see a band.

Hilken Mancini: We’re honest with each other, like friends would be instead of egos butting heads. It is not about anything but maintaining the relationship.

purchase Fuzzy at AMAZON: Electric Juices

Hurray for Everything

FUZZY will be performing at WMBR Pipeline! Anniversary Show #8 at Middle East Downstairs on Friday, October 3.

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IN THE REALM: shows this week

Paloma Faith
Monday, September 29
Middle East Downstairs

Monday, September 29
The Paradise

Topshelf tour
A Great Big Pile of Leaves
Field Mouse
Tuesday, September 30
Great Scott

Bee vs. Moth
Wednesday, October 1
TT the Bear’s Place

Lykke Li
Friday, October 3
House of Blues

WMBR Anniversary Show #8
Blood Orange
Robin Lane and The Chartbusters
Lazy Susan
Weeping in Fits and Starts
Friday, October 3
Middle East Down

WMBR Anniversary Show #9
The Clamdiggers (proto-Upper Crust)
Birdsongs of the Mesozoic
Quintaine Americana
Crazy Alice
Saturday, October 4
Middle East Down

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WMBR Pipeline! at 25 presents 50 Years of Boston Rock

Mistle Thrush

Mistle Thrush

In the 90s, I was in my 20s and much more familar with the Boston music scene. My favorite 90s Boston bands were MISTLE THRUSH [I think they thanked me on an album] and FUZZY. I dated the lead singer of The Gravel Pit. I loved Orangutang and The Cavedogs. So when I heard that WMBR’s Pipeline! would be putting on all these cool shows for its 25th anniversary I got terribly excited and nostalgic. If you don’t know these bands you’re way too young and too hipster for your own good. Sorry there’s no Tribe show. loved that band too. These bands were and are the Boston music legacy.



I can’t say it better than the press release:

Cambridge, MA (August 3, 2014) ¬- WMBR’s Pipeline! show (airing every Tuesday evening 8:00-10:00 with host Jeff Breeze) today announced the dates, venues, and band line-ups for the 50 Years of Boston Rock festival this fall. These bands from decades past come roaring into the present day, among them: The Remains with their stunning garage beat and The Freeborne rediscovering their psych virtuosity from the ’60s; Reddy Teddy and Willie Alexander & The Boom Boom Band bringing back the pre and proto-punk sounds of the ’70s; Stranglehold, The Dogmatics and the F.U’s delivering early ’80s punk proper and hardcore…and later in the decade O Positive and Big Dipper representing the burgeoning indie-rock scene; Gigolo Aunts, Fuzzy, and the Dirt Merchants nearing the millennium with their ’90s indie-pop/rock brilliance; and finally The Sheila Divine and The Charms, arriving in the 2000s, recasting pop and garage verities into their own thrilling style. This is a half century’s worth of the Boston music underground…and this festival revisits a good chunk of it!

50 Years of Boston Rock takes place from Friday, September 12 – Sunday, October 12 at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston, The Middle East downstairs in Cambridge, the Brighton Music Hall, the Regent Theatre in Arlington, and Cuisine en Locale in Somerville, a new ballroom-like space with a capacity of 425. There are current plans to add a 14th night to the series.

Facebook EVENT page

the shows:

1.Regent Theatre—9/12

Cordelia’s Dad
The Freeborne
We Saw the Wolf
String Builder

2. Cuisine en Locale–9/13

Baby’s Arm
Miranda Warning
The Dogmatics
The Neats’ Eric Martin & friends
The Turbines

3.Cuisine en Locale—9/19

Mistle Thrush
Nisi Period
The Pods
Purple Ivy Shadows
Someone & the Somebodies
Curious Ritual

4.Cuisine en Locale—9/20

Dirt Merchants
Fertile Virgin
The Gravel Pit
The Sheila Divine
Evol Twin

5. Regent Theatre –9/26

The Barnies
Big Dippers’ Bill Goffrier & friends
The Jigsaws
Vapors of Morphine

6. Regent Theatre—9/27

Barry & The Remains
The Downbeat 5

7. Brighton Music Hall—9/28

Anastasia Screamed
The Flies
The F.U.s/ Straw Dogs
Men & Volts
The Nervous Eaters

8. Middle East down—10/3

The Blood Oranges
Lazy Susan
Robin Lane and The Chartbusters

9. Middle East down—10/4

Birdsongs of the Mesozoic
The Clamdiggers
Crazy Alice
Quintaine Americana

10. Paradise Rock Club –10/5

Big City Rockers/Atlantics
The Dents
High Risk Group
Reddy Teddy
Shake the Faith
Willie Alexander & the Boom Boom Band

11. Cuisine en Locale—10/10

The Red Telephone
Green Magnet School
Luca Brasi
Unnatural Axe

12. Cuisine en Locale –10/11

The Cavedogs
Dambuilders’/Gramercy Arms’ Dave Derby & friends
Drumming on Glass
Flying Nuns
Gigolo Aunts
The Natives
The Rising Storm

13. Middle East Down—10/12

The Bags
Ed’s Redeeming Qualities & The Breeders’ Carrie Bradley & friends
The Gizmos
Kenny Chambers/Electric Ears
The Underachievers
The Voodoo Dolls

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