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Lifetime TV movie review: A Snow Globe Christmas


Not terribly thrilled about the impending holiday and on a tight schedule, television writer/producer Meg (Alicia Witt) gets knocked out and wakes up inside a “tiny little perfect snow globe town.” In this quieter existence [that looks like a ski resort or film set] she’s married to her college boyfriend Ted (Donald Faison) with two children. She freaks out that she’s been drugged and kidnapped or on the set of a movie. Then she just relaxes a bit and thinks she’s in a dream. “I don’t want to wake up,” she tells her husband as they get in bed. “You chose to be here. You chose to be with me,” he reminds her.

However the next morning when she sees Ted she screams and runs outside yelling “This is no dream. Wake up Meg, wake up.” On further examination, she realizes there’s no way out. The picturesque town makes her question its authenticity. There’s also a cryptic angel/guardian figure (Christina Milian) allocating guiding tidbits to Meg.

When Ted takes her to the spot where he proposed to her she tells him that he’s like a character she wrote. Meg’s found herself in a situation where art imitates life or just amalgamated. While Meg tries to prove that this town and this life isn’t her new reality, Ted sets out to prove that their marriage and their life are in fact real. But will it be enough for Meg to stay?


Witt and Faison have splendid chemistry. They’re talented actors who easily mix comedic moments with touching scenes. Milian plays the sage cupid/ spirit with a sweet demeanor. Seems to be a fun part. It’s an engaging movie for a Saturday night on television.

A Snow Globe Christmas airs Saturday, December 14 at 10 pm EST/PST on LIFETIME.


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