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Project Runway S12.Ep14 Finale Part 2: RECAP

Dom, Bradon, Justin and Alexandria will be showing their collections at New York Fashion Week but it’s not Project Runway without another challenge. They must replace a current design with a “washable fabric” for the TIDE PODS WASHABLE LOOKS CHALLENGE. Enough with the sponsors Project Runway!



“My collection is weird in a great way. It’s mixing fabrics that people would not think to put together.”
Dom thinks Bradon’s collection looks old.



Tim thinks one of her designs might look “janky.” He says it’s all about “silhouette, proportion and fit.”
Bradon thinks Dom’s collection looks great and is surprised that Tim’s so tough in his critique.
Justin thinks Dom’s his biggest competition.



Making a reversible look for the Tide look.
Alexandria likes Justin’s 3D accessories but wonders if that’s the highlight of his collection.



Making a washable silk pant for the Tide look. She’s “scared.”
Tim: “You need to do something to make these looks command more attention so they’re not 10 monotonous looks.”

Tim brings everyone in for a gather around. “What I really love about going into tomorrow is it’s anyone’s game. I love you. Make it work.”

Runway Show

The next day, they arrive at Lincoln Center and freak out about the runway and then start freaking out in their own ways backstage. Dom remains pretty calm and since the second episode I’ve remained confident in her talent and abilities as a designer and in her overall personality and demeanor. Alexandria’s being “neurotic” according to Dom. Tim give Justin the news that one of his models broke her ankle so he gets a replacement model who doesn’t fit the garment and it’s too late for him to make the proper adjustments. Bradon tells his models to move away with their food and drinks. “They’re way too close to my clothes.” And sure enough, a model poured coffee down the front of a blue charmeuse gown.


based on being deaf and hearing for the first time when I was 18
Justin didn’t have any colors and Nina Garcia didn’t give him a hard time. He used white, black and gray.






collection titled “Retro Redux”






—simple introduction






—“my heart is jumping out of my chest right now. I am so excited to be here. The first sign of spring is what my inspiration is.”






I liked Dom’s and Bradon’s collections best. I think I’d also wear pieces from Alexandria’s collection as well.

Dom is my absolute favorite and has been from episode TWO.


Heidi Klum: “This was a great show today. But as you know only one winner of Project Runway.”

Zac Posen: “I feel like I’ve been on a whole journey with you. You all presented very strong different points of view and they shined.”

Nina Garcia: “Thank you for sharing all your talents and efforts with us.”

Kerry Washington: “Today, to be able to celebrate new designers and to witness your work out there for the first time was a real honor.”


Zac Posen: “I think you presented a beautiful collection. I commend you for working with 3D printing. The shapes have a balance of ease and they’re feminine.”

Kerry Washington: “I was thrilled toward the end when there were some sheer fabrics because I loved that there was more diversity. I loved the sound waves dress.”

Heidi Klum: “Your collection was very polished. It was very cohesive.”

Nina Garcia: “I saw many different shapes from you. There’s a gentle architecture to your work. I wish I saw two more outfits that had a wow factor.”


Zac Posen: “I loved your inspiration.”

Kerry Washington: “It was masterful the shaping and the draping of it (the first piece).”

Heidi Klum: “another favorite of mine is the unconventional material dress. That is a cool dress.”

Nina Garcia: “For me it was a surprise for you to be not-focused. To me you have too much going on. People who don’t know you, don’t know the story.”


Nina Garcia: “I thought this was an extremely entertaining show. Without any words you told the story. That’s a good show. You really pushed yourself.”

Kerry Washington: “I’m impressed that you do the prints yourself. They’re modern but very tribal but also architectural. They’re very unique.”

Zac Posen: “The one weak outfit was the bathing suit look.”


Heidi Klum: “I really like your collection. It looks very young. It looks very hip. It looks very now.”

Zac Posen: “I thought it was a really successful runway show. Your woman has that spice and attitude and that strength but she’s also vulnerable. That’s a really nice niche juxtaposition that you’re playing with.”

Nina Garcia: “Your show was styled very well. It was very editorial. It was very effortless.”

Kerry Washington: “it was exciting for me.”


Heidi asks why they should win Project Runway.

Justin: “I cannot count how many times I’ve been walked over because I’m deaf and it’s to show the people it’s possible. And I’d just point out one thing. I haven’t won one challenge this season and I’d like to win this challenge.”
The only designer not to cry.

Dom: “I just feel it in my soul this is what I need to be doing for the rest of my life. This is more than I need the money. This is my life. I can turn it into something spectacular. You’ve seen my message. I would really like the opportunity to bring more of that to the table.”

Bradon: “I danced for 30 years and I was so scared that I would never have anything else I would like that about in a career and in less than three years I found it in fashion. If I take nothing else away from this show, that will propel me for the rest of my life.”

Alexandria: “I’m bankable. I understand what girls want to wear. I sacrificed everything and I work hard. I work all day and all day. I sacrifice everything because I love what I do. It’s like air. It’s like breathing. I want it. It’s my turn.”

Heidi to Justin: “We loved your collection. You took a very personal inspiration and turned out very unique clothes and accessories.”

Heidi to Alexandria: “So many women would love to wear your collection including us. Your collection was cool and cohesive.”

Heidi to Dom: “You took a huge risk and it worked. Your collection was really fresh, original and playful.”

Heidi to Bradon: “You have won many challenges throughout this season. You have shown us some stunning pieces. And as usual they were meticulous. We did feel like the collection was not as cohesive or as focused as it should’ve been.”

4th place: Bradon
3rd place: Justin
2nd place: Alexandria



Zac Posen: “Dom you are so beautiful inside and out.”

Dom: “I’m poor. I’m working two jobs people.”

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