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I Didn’t Bang the DJ: a poem

you tell me they say you have magic ears.
all you do is talk about how wonderful you are.
ego ego ego.
self-inflated value.
you played it first.

“Let’s play 20 questions.”
kiss me and flatter me.
touch my boobs.
promise me there’ll be writing for me to do.
changes to come.
harassing or confusing or harmless fun?
making out in my car because your woman’s asleep at home.
what is this high school?

magic ears.
late night texts.

“In a year I want to work A&R in New York but I don’t want to abandon my friends.”
thanksgiving drinks your place.
my lips. my tits. wandering hands.
my sexual prowess.
you don’t always get what you want.
or did you?

it’s laughable.
take away your job, the radio station. you’re nobody special.

–Amy Steele

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