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Project Runway S13:Ep3 RECAP

tim gunn and anne fulenwider

tim gunn and anne fulenwider

As the designers walk out to the runway to hear about the latest challenge, there are Marie Claire covers all over the walls. Amanda gushes: “Marie Claire covers with the original supermodels. This is so up my alley. [Project Runway cliché.] I am thrilled.”

Executive-in-Chief of Marie Claire, Anne Fulenwider is a guest judge along with Undone host Amanda deCadenet. It’s Marie Claire’s 20th anniversary. The magazine hit shelves in 1994. Heidi had just arrived in New York as a 21-year-old model. Tim already had been teaching at Parsons for 12 years. Nina worked as a production assistant in the garment district. And cutie-pie Zac was 14 years old and “probably wearing vests over t-shirts.”

The challenge: design for Marie Claire 2034. Or “what the future of fashion looks like through your design aesthetic,” says Tim.


Nothing terribly exciting going on except that per usual no one liked Sandhya’s design or could even figure out what she was doing. I’ve yet to have issue with Sandhya and her work. Alexander said what everyone thought: “I’m confused by Sandhya.” Sandhya is this season’s Patricia [S11]. When Alexander’s model came in for the fitting, the bust didn’t fit properly. Doesn’t he have her measurements?

Tim to Christine: “Tomorrow on the runway exude unconditional confidence.” This sounds like a fantastic inspirational mantra.



design by Emily

design by Emily

“I like your mixture of textures.” –Heidi Klum

“When this came out, I said I need one of those.” — Amanda deCadenet

“It felt today and it felt tomorrow.” –Zac Posen


design by Kristine

design by Kristine

“I love this outfit. I love the functionality.” –Nina Garcia

“This is my favorite look. I think it’s super sexy.” –Heidi Klum


design by Sandhya

design by Sandhya

“It’s beautiful. It’s refreshing. I like mix between fantasy and reality. I think you did a phenomenal job.” –Nina Garcia

“It’s weird in a good way.” –Zac Posen



design by Sean

design by Sean

“That slit is beyond high and very bizarre.” –Heidi Klum

“I like the hat. I thought it was like Mary Poppins went shopping at Prada.” –Zac Posen


design by Alexander

design by Alexander

“It looks like an old blanket. It’s like a potato sack.” –Heidi Klum

“It’s very plain. It looks like the Flintstones.” –Anne Fulenwider

Angela– OUT

design by Angela

design by Angela

“I felt it was stewardess from future and I’d be afraid to get on her plane.” –Zac Posen

“I think it’s too short.” –Anne Fulenwider

“The cut is a little sloppy.” –Nina Garcia

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