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music preview: DCTV at O’Brien’s Allston on Sunday, April 17


French musician and singer Lola G met screenwriter/guitarist James Greer at a Hollywood party three years ago. They began talking about music and soon formed what would become  DCTV. Both Lola G. and James Greer are multi-instrumentalists. Lola G  sings in French on the duo’s latest album confusion moderne which is out now. The result is a combo of fuzzy garage band rock/ French pop/ 60s ephemera/ fuzzy arrangements. There’s even a cover of “L’Accord Parfait” from one of my favorite 90s bands Autour de Lucie.

should be a fabulous live show.



Check out DCTV at O’Brien’s on Sunday, April 17, 2016.

rest of the tour:

04.18 – The Fire – Philadelphia, PA
04.19 – Happy Dog – Cleveland OH
04.20 – Lager House – Detroit, MI
04.21 – Melody Inn – Indianapolis IN
04.22 – The Void – Bloomington, IN
04.23 – Tree Bar – Columbus, OH

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new music: Bur Gur; DCTV

Bur Gur “If I Was a Child”

Funky beat, existential messaging and video. Stand By Me-esque with a boy finding a dead body. Then it moves into hypnotic beats and psychedelic imagery. Waves, floating, atmospheric. Bür Gür is the Los Angeles-based tropical noise pop duo made up of Corbin Clarke and Makan Negahban. A new album– Have You Lost Your Faith In God [New Los Angeles]?—will be released on April 1, 2016.

DCTV, “Capital Ennui”

sounds like a melange of Charlotte Gainsbourg, Autour de Lucie, Stereolab and Shonen Knife. cranking post-punk guitar pop mixes with airy vocals. You will feel like you’re in a Godard or Michel Gondry film. Je parle francais mais il y avait longtemps. J’aime musique en francaise. edgy and cool. Shimmering fuzz with multi-instrumentation and enticing arrangements. although the vocals are in French the emotion bores through to your insides and melts you. The name DCTV comes from a Godard film Detective. DCTV is: French musician Lola G. and screenwriter/ guitarist James Greer. The duo’s new album, Confusione Moderne, comes out in April via Xemu and Lolipop Records.

04.08 – Quencher’s Saloon – Chicago, IL
04.09 – Foam – St. Louis, MO
04.10 – Vaudeville Mews – Des Moines, IA
04.11 – TBA – Springfield, IL
04.12 – TBA – Bloomington, IN
04.13 – MOTR Pub – Cincinnati, OH
04.14 – Suzie’s – Youngstown, OH
04.15 – TBA – New York, NY
04.16 – TBA – New Haven, CT
04.17 – O’Briens – Boston, MA
04.18 – TBA – Philadelphia, PA
04.19 – TBA – Cleveland, OH
04.20 – Lager House – Detroit, MI
04.21 – TBA – Grand Rapids, MI
04.22 – TBA – Indianapolis, IN
04.23 – Tree Bar – Columbus, OH


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