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Core Fusion: Boot Camp– DVD review

Title: Exhale: Core Fusion Boot Camp
Running time: 60 minutes
Release date: December 28, 2010
Studio: Acadia Lifestyle

Wife and husband trainer team Elisabeth Halfpapp and Fred DeVito have developed DVD exercises based on the duo’s popular Core Fusion and Core Fusion Sport classes that attract Heidi Klum, Cameron Diaz and Kate Hudson, among others.

Boot camp classes have become very popular at gyms. People do circuits of different exercises. Core Fusion Boot Camp doesn’t quite work for the DVD format utilized by Core Fusion. The heart gets pumping and the muscles and core are certainly working but I like the format of other DVDs in the overall Core Fusion collection. Core Fusion Boot Camp consists of five ten minute segments: Cardio Flex; Cardio Sun Salutations; Jump Backs part 1; Jump Backs part 2; Abdominal Curl. Bonus segments include: stretch with ball and thigh core with ball.

You also need an exercise ball and weights. I’m not a fan of using a ton of extra equipment. If you want to own a Core Fusion DVD, this is not the best choice from the vast collection. If you want to add to a variety of exercise DVDs you already have, this might mix things up for you.

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DVD review: Core Fusion Collection

Title: Core Fusion Collection
Running time: 150 minutes
Release date: January 5, 2010
Studio: Acacia
Review source: Acorn Media

Contained in this collection: BODY SCULPT which targets arms and shoulders, glutes, hips thighs and abs; THIGHS AND GLUTES which works your largest muscle groups [so you burn fat and lose inches]; and then PILATES PLUS which utilizes a “deep-toning” approach.

I love these DVDs for working out at home. They are challenging and work your core and particular muscle groups. Core Fusion is a combination of yoga, Pilates and isometrics. My legs were shaking after I did glutes and thighs! I feel great after I do this.

The point is to tone the muscles without bulk. They work toward a goal of lean and tight. That’s ideal. Each DVD contains five 10 minute workouts, so you can do all five or pick and choose a few to do. I usually do three and have a great and intense 30-minute workout.

Elisabeth Halfpapp and Fred DeVito work well together and show you variations to each exercise to that you can do the easier version or the more challenging version. I particularly liked the pretzel on the thighs and glutes DVD! It worked muscles that you rarely use: the hip flexors and felt so great!

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STEELE INTERVIEWS: Elisabeth Halfpapp– co-founder of core fusion

Elisabeth and her husband, Fred DeVito, have been working together as a training team since 1984. Their core fusion® pure abs & arms DVD provides a fabulous workout. You get great variety, excellent explanations and a fantastic workout and burn while working your core, the most important aspect of your body.

Amy Steele [AS]: How did you design the program for the DVD?

Elisabeth Halfpapp [EH]: As far as design, I worked with my husband, Fred DeVito, and co-creator of Core Fusion®. We took the disciple of the Lotte Berk method background, pilates, yoga and body sculpting and took the best of those principles and put them in the DVD.

AS: What are the best and the worst parts of working with your husband?

EH: How long do you have? We’ve been working together since 1984. We were with Lotte Berk for 22 years. 90% we enjoy working together because we understand the dedication this type of work involves: the dedication of our guests and ourselves to make our program evolve. But also our responsibility to the teachers that we train because we have a 270 hour teacher training program. So we really understand the whole component of what this type of position entails because we’re not only nationwide at our classes and training but we’re programming. So we’re the instructors and we’re traveling and we have sort of the right and the left side of the brain working in tandem. Actually it really benefits us because it’s like having one person we can split in half sometimes to travel or to handle certain situations. We have more arms to reach out for quality control.

AS: I really need to get Chad (at Acacia) to send me thighs & glutes…

EH: Which one do you have Amy?

AS: I have the Abs & Arms and it’s working I can feel it. My girlfriend Miriam has been coming over and we’ve been doing Shiva Rea’s yoga and then doing the two abs parts and the upper body part. And I definitely can feel the abs the next day.

EH: It really works in combination. The resistance of abs and arms. We tried to get one more element in there to work the upper body and the resistance band is great for strengthening and lengthening the muscles at the same time.

AS: Are there certain parts that you feel you are each stronger at or was it just arbitrary that you broke it down that way on the DVD to teach each part?

EH: Well it was part arbitrary and part “I like that part, I want to teach that.” And we both have certain areas we like to work on and we do like to split it up evenly between us so it’s good to see a man do some of the leg work or the gluteal work because we feel our techniques are gender neutral as well.

AS: I just have the hardest time relaxing my neck. I listen to everything you are saying I just can’t do it without putting a hand behind my neck. And I know it’s working up to it and everything else but do you have any tips to make it easier to relax your neck when you’re doing abs.

EH: I think you should hold a little higher in the position, don’t go all the way back to the waist and stop and start a little more. And pace yourself until you get to the maximum of what we’re doing on the DVD. Remember our neck and shoulders are one of the biggest areas that hold tension. So they’re tight muscles and in a lot of ways you’re stretching them as well. So it’s going to be a little painful to try to stretch those tight muscles. But I recommend just stopping and starting and work a little higher. Well work up a little higher, Amy, and pull in and tuck up on the hips.

AS: What is the most important part to focus on with your core and what should you be thinking about?

EH: The most important part is keeping the abs tilted and engaged in a brace to support the local back. Steer the abdominal wall into the back. Pull the abdominals into the walls. Embrace the abdominals into the wall. Think about the abdominals supporting the back. A lot of back problems come out of weak abdominal muscles. And the back muscles need to be stretched which is why we do those positions too.

AS: What is your favorite part about teaching exercise and working with people and helping people be fit?

EH: I think mainly giving them the gift of health and giving them empowerment to say “yeah, I can do this. I can stay in this curl position.” “I can do one more repetition.” Students get very empowered by that. And seeing people change and reshape their bodies who thought they’d never reshape them is very very humbling to see that. That’s the biggest joy of what we do. Because we both created the Core Fusion® program for Exhale® and co-created all these exercises and it we get thanks every day and see amazing things happen.

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Three Different Workout DVDs: Core Fusion, Bollywood Blast, Shiva Rea yoga

Title: Exhale: Core Fusion Pure Abs & Arms
Running time: 50 minutes
MPAA: Not Rated
Release date: December 1, 2009
ASIN: 054961829590
Studio: Acacia Lifestyle
Review source: Acorn Media
Rating: A-

Wife and husband trainer team Elisabeth Halfpapp and Fred DeVito have developed this DVD which targets the entire upper body. The exercises are based on the duo’s popular Core Fusion and Core Fusion Sport classes that attract Heidi Klum, Cameron Diaz, Julia Roberts, Mario Lopez and Kate Hudson, among others. The program has been segmented into five ten minute sessions: Upper Body Weights; Upper Body; Abdominals; Abdominal Curl with Leg Variations and Upper Body, Back, and Hip Stretches. It is sure to easily fit any schedule.

Elisabeth is great. Fred is a bit dry. The exercises really target the core and this team knows its stuff. That is clear from doing several of the routines. It’s a fantastic workout to do daily: just pick one each day for ten minutes. My friend and I did both ab workouts and the Upper Body, Back and Hip Stretches and could definitely feel the burn. This is one DVD worth investing in.

Title: Exhale: Bollywood Dance Blast
Running time: 50 minutes
MPAA: Not Rated
Release date: December 1, 2009
ASIN: 054961850993
Studio: Acacia Lifestyle
Review source: Acorn Media
Rating: B

Bollywood films have always been popular throughout the world. <em>Slumdog Millionaire</em> has really only brought the music to the United States and also the dance number nod to Bollywood films at its ending. Hemalayaa, a Bollywood fitness star, features two new workouts on Bollywood Dance Blast. Each workout [Removing Obstacles and Celebrate!] is a 20-minute cardio routine.

The Indian music provides a grooving background beat and Hemalayaa has plenty of energy. Many of her moves are similar to basic aerobics set to Indian music. I wanted more Bollywood infuesed into it and that was disappointing that it was not. It still gets your heart pumping and is a fun work out.  When Hemalayaa started to focus on hip movement: openers and rotations, I enjoyed that and felt I worked parts of my body I might not otherwise concentrate on. It definitely felt good. She talks of getting rid of “biodegradable and compostable waste” (bad energy) and then put on “sexy spiritual boots” to stomp it back into the earth. <em><strong>Bollywood Dance Blast</strong></em> definitely will add variety to your work out routine.

Title: Exhale: Shiva Rea: Daily Energy Vinyasa Flow Yoga
Running time: 168 minutes
MPAA: Not Rated
Release date: December 1, 2009
ASIN: 054961831395
Studio: Acacia Lifestyle
Review source: Acorn Media
Rating: A

Shiva Rea’s latest DVD features seven 20-minute practices—one for each day of the week. There are six pre-set practices and there’s also a customizable Yoga Matrix where users can combine segments [I’ve used this feature on another Shiva Rea DVD and it is fantastic. You are left with endless opportunities for workouts. What YOU want to do]. Shiva Rea might take a bit of getting used to at first but her techniques work. You’ll feel looser, much more relaxed and lengthened after completing one of her sessions. And that’s the whole point of yoga isn’t it? Shiva Rea has a soothing voice, a perfect yoga body and expert poses. All her practices have excellent pacing and a variety of poses. After the workout I chose, I felt looser muscles, opened joints, and overall calmness. <em><strong>Shiva Rea: Daily Energy Vinyasa Flow Yoga</strong></em> is a must for your DVD workout collection.

<em>20-minute Practices:</em> Earth, Shanti, Heart-Air, Fire &Water, Water, Fire and Chakra Namaskar
<em>Extra Segments:</em> Solar Meditation, Lunar Meditation, Core, Forward Bends, and Shavasana


For more information on the DVDs visit the Acacia Lifestyle Website.

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