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Lifetime TV Movie review: Committed

Celeste: I’m a doctor. I came here to work with you.
Dr. Quilley: I’m sure you’ll find the work fulfilling but you can’t leave.

In this generally creepy and rather sensational movie, Dr. Celeste DuPont [Andrea Roth] arrives at the prestigious Milburn Institute thinking she’s going to be working with criminally insane patients but she’s quickly told that she’s a patient herself. She fails several escape attempts and begins to experience strange visions or dreams [she keeps seeing herself locked in a cage]. Reality and imagination blur. One morning she finds all her clothes slashed. She begins to question her sanity or whether she’s being tricked into staying at the facility. It’s a strange concept to be locked in and told you have no control over when you can leave. Despite being a patient in the facility, she’s asked to consult with Dr. Desmond Moore [Richard Burgi] and events spin even further out of control. Celeste dines with other doctors instead of patients but she’s analyzed and also has been asked to analyze others. Andrea Roth [Rescue Me, Blue Bloods] plays part sleuth/part psychiatrist in a convincingly conflicted manner. While some parts of Committed are rather preposterous, it’s quite a good TV thriller to fill your Sunday evening.

Committed premieres Sunday, April 17 on Lifetime

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