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in defense of Gwyneth

the scene: New Year’s Eve at Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn Jay Z performs with Chris Martin. On stage to ring in 2013 so there is Apple and Moses Martin and Chris’s wife Gwyneth Paltrow and champagne.

Apparently people think Gwyneth can’t dance, hogged the spotlight etc.

my take:

She grooved to the song like any other wife, girlfriend, S.O. Gwyneth stood off to the side mouthing lyrics, getting into the song but not in a “look at me” sort of way. She wore a typical low-key, casual Gwyn outfit: black tank, black flared pants, heels. Have you seen Gwyneth’s legs? If she wanted attention she’d have worn a short dress or skirt. Her golden mane was up in a pony tail not down and glamorous by any means. She danced like anyone enjoying a concert does– uninhibited and feeling the vibe. Clearly happy. Why criticize someone for blissful moments? Her husband Chris Martin is the one people should be buzzing about. I adore the band Coldplay, particularly X&Y, yet live performances prove dull and unemotional. Onstage with Jay Z Chris jumped, danced, laughed and emoted in ways I’ve never seen him do with Coldplay. What’s up with that?

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