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Lifetime TV review: Bond of Silence

Inspired by a true story, Bond of Silence details the quest for truth of Katy McIntosh (Kim Raver). Katy’s athletic husband mysteriously dies when he tries to talk to a neighborhood teenager on New Year’s Eve at an out-of-control house party. In the picturesque and protected community, the teenagers stick together and refuse to disclose any information. Their parents collude to protect their children and prevent Katy from discovering the truth about her husband’s death. Stress and guilt start to wreak havoc among the close-knit group of friends. Along with a local detective (Greg Grunberg) Katy attempts to break up the bond and unravel closely guarded secrets.

As the ostracized mother of young twins, Raver exudes a quiet perseverance in this role. It’s a heartbreaking story that deals with hope and forgiveness in the end. While somewhat predictable (as Lifetime movies can be), Bond of Silence details what can happen when teenagers binge drink and parties escalate beyond control.

Bond of Silence premieres Monday, August 23, at 9 pm (ET/PT) on LIFETIME

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