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new music: Bo Rocha; In Letter Form; Love in October

Bo Rocha, “Hold My Gaze”

London-based singer/songwriter/produce Bo Rocha shines on this superbly cool, emotive pop song featuring thoughtful lyrics and stand-out arrangements. It pulls you in with its simmering intensity and genuineness. She combines a trippy beat with melancholy piano melodies.. Rocha says: “The song is about going back in time, to a moment when neither person said the right thing or expressed how they really felt, and re-writing it.” Born in the Channel Islands before living in France, Germany and then settling in London, Bo Rocha studied piano and violin at the Purcell School of Music.


In Letter Form, “Face in the Crowd”

A colossal, darkly expressive post-punk/ electro-pop single by the Bay Area’s In Letter Form. Having just seen Peter Murphy last week, I’d say that both Murphy and his band Bauhaus—along with other post-punk 80s bands– influenced the sound. The band’s new album Fracture. Repair. Repeat. [Metropolis] will be out May 20, 2016.


Love in October, “Teenage Evolution”

The lead single off the new EP  is an electro-pop dream filled with spark, edginess and experimentation. Love in October is Swedish brothers Erik and Kent – now living in Stockholm, Sweden and Chicago, IL The new EP showcases the duo’s technological savvy. One is a web developer and the other is a PhD advancing medical technology. This Love in October III EP, the band’s first release since 2011, is out now.

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