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New Music Videos: Zola Jesus; Black Moth

Zola Jesus, “Dangerous Days”

–grand techno-goth, scratchy wistful vocals. love it. filmed outside somewhere among waves and rocks with Nika wearing cool hoodies and long draping outfits. She reminds me a lot of Chelsea Wolfe but with dance-y beats.

forthcoming album TAIGA – out on 7 October 2014.

Black Moth, “Room 13”

–with lead singer Harriet Bevan’s aggressive cool vocals and out-there guitar riffs, this psychedelic-metal band scores with this new track. a dark, feverish video shot in the recently unlocked servants quarters of a 200-year-old haunted mansion.

Condemned To Hope [New Heavy Soungs] will be released September 15.


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NEW MUSIC: Mexican Slang; Black Moth; Gramercy Arms

Mexican Slang, “Halcyon”

cool, menacing, erotic song from this Toronto band. I played it about five times repeatedly it’s that good.

Inside The Velvet Castle EP Out July 15th [Buzz Records]

Black Moth, “Room 13”

love this metal trio from the UK led by vocalist Harriet Levan.

Condemned to Hope out September 15 [New Heavy Sounds]

Gramercy Arms, “Always in Love”

superb catchy pop song with echos of 60s melodies. Gramercy Arms is a revolving New York-based collective of musicians and artists, masterminded by main songwriter/producer Dave Derby (Dambuilders/Lloyd Cole) along with Rainy Orteca, Sean Eden and Kevin March.

The Seasons of Love out July 21 [Reveal Records]

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New Music Videos: Nadine Shah: Gemini Club; Black Moth: Jessy Lanza

Nadine Shah
Debut Album ‘Love Your Dum And Mad’ Out Now via R&S/Apollo Records


–black and white suits Nadine Shah’s haunting, deep vocals
–she’s carrying around a ball of twine, sometimes she unwinds it and sometimes she makes cat’s cradle
–he legs are enviably long in black short shorts
–she’s not nearly popular enough on even college radio and I have no idea way. her vocals pierce the soul.

Gemini Club
band members: Tom Gavin (vocals), Gordon Bramli (DJ), Daniel Brunelle (production) and Ryan Luciani (drums)


–very energetic, upbest. electronica/ club sound.
–good beat. fairly standard video with girl in hotel room.
–I like the quick shots when they sing “you drive on the freeway.” those are cool video additions.

tour dates:

Tour Dates

Aug 30 – Chicago, IL – North Coast Music Festival 2013
Oct 11 – Los Angeles, CA – Culture Collide Festival
Oct 12 – San Francisco, CA – Neck of the Woods
Oct 14 – Washington, DC – Black Cat
Oct 15 – Philadelphia, PA – MilkBoy Philadelphia
Oct 16 – Boston, MA – Church

Black Moth
“Blackbirds Fall”
Leeds band consists of: Harriet Bevan – vocals, Jim Swainston – guitar, Nico Carew – guitar, Dave Vachon – bass, and drummer Dom McCready

–witchiness in the woods. Harriet Bevan’s vocals keep the music from sinking too dark. It’s an ideal combo of her sweet vocals and the band’s harder edged riffing.

Jessy Lanza
“Kathy Lee”

–dancing around to this electronica mix with lots of piano and keys arrangements, repetition. very catchy and leaves you wanting more. whispery vocals.

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