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music review: Money


Money. An unusual band name for an indie band from Manchester, England. Particularly one that labels its music “dystopian choral” on its Facebook page. I’m very picky with band names and this one threw me off. I was hesitant to check out the music but it’s exactly what I like. Melancholy. Ethereal. Swirly. Lead singer Jamie Lee said that the songs focus on universal themes of love and loss and sense of place in the modern world, including issues such as isolation and mental health. These songs convey depth, grace and emotion from every angle with majestic arrangements. “Who’s Going to Love You Know” feature an unusual, broad-stroking vocal composition and escalating harmonies that make it sound quite expansive as if performed in a cavernous space. Entrancing “Bluebell Fields” sounds 90s indie nostalgic. “Goodnight London” effectively utilizes piano for its slower, murky splendor. Lee’s vocals ache and twist on the sprawling “Hold Me Forever”

Shadow of Heaven
Bella Union
Release date: May 6, 2014

purchase at Amazon: Shadow of Heaven



video for the swooning, atmospheric “Hold Me Forever” directed by actor Cillian Murphy:

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NEW MUSIC VIDEOS: Owlle; Davidge; Horse Thief

Owlle– “Don’t Lose It”

French electro-pop chanteuse Owlle’s first single off her debut album ‘France’. She doesn’t do much in the video but sounds fantastic and looks amazing in a form-fitting outfit with her shiny red hair and gold make-up in a colorful maze-filled room.

Massive Attack and Hola 4 soundtrack producer Neil Davidge featuring Emi Green on vocals– “Sleepwalking”

–dreamy, dark, ethereal video to match the song. “The track felt like the theme to an old British TV thriller series with shades of Louisiana voodoo. Emi wrote the perfect tale of dysfunctional love to accompany it. I really struggle describing the music I make. I don’t think in words, I think in pictures, textures, smells, it’s a feeling, it’s gut instinct, it’s why I make music and don’t write lyrics. Emi wrote a fittingly tortured story of dysfunctional love that summed up what I felt about this track.” – Davidge

Davidge’s debut album: Slo Light out NOW on The End Records

Horse Thief– “Devil”

–a lovely naked young woman performs some sort of cleansing ritual in the woods while singer Cameron Neal sings about fear and evil. It’s a melancholy, pretty Americana/folk-pop song from the Oklahoma band.

Horse Thief’s debut album Fear In Bliss will be released April 15 [Bella Union]

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