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The Living Sisters: music review

The Living Sisters - LivingSisters.RunForCover

Together these talented Los Angeles-based women can harness their singing talents for anything. I adore Inara George’s band The Bird and the Bee and listened to The Living Sister’s debut release Love to Live often. It was a bit more alternative, melodic pop than their second release, Run for Cover, a standards collection. They’re still making gorgeous music just in a different vein. A bit more Nashville than Portland. Listeners will enter a time capsule with its Brill building/ 50s and 60s girl-group harmonies, cowgirl attitude and old-fashioned goodness. There’s an intermingling of folk, country and doo-wop. It works with the lilting vocals. The Living Sisters are: Inara George (The Bird and the Bee); Becky Stark (Lavender Diamond); Eleni Mandell ; and most recent addition Alex Lilly.

Becky Stark said: “If it sounds beautiful, that’s because it felt beautiful—because we were really listening to each other and experiencing the union of our voices. It’s a pretty simple principal that we are committed to as a musical endeavor. The Living Sisters are about a collective spirit and about our relationship to one another—the fun we have the friendship and love that we share. It just works.”

my picks:

the haunting, gorgeous Patsy Cline song “Sweet Dreams”

funky and fitting “Can You Get to That”

a capella rendition of Dolly Parton’s “Jolene”



The Living Sisters
Run for Cover
Vanguard Records
release date: January 8th, 2013

purchase at Amazon: Run For Cover EP

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The Living Sisters: music review

Label: Vanguard Records
Release Date: March 30, 2011

Such a super trio of talent with Eleni Mandell, Inara George [The Bird and the Bee] and Becky Stark [Lavender Diamond, LA Ladies Choir].
This lush aural tapestry with sweet voices harmonizing will make you put the album on repeat. The Living Sisters provides a comprehensive girl group retro feel: I should be in a black and white setting with a bouffant hair-do and saddle shoes. Adore it.

my picks:
How Are You Doing?
Double Knots
This Mountain Has Skies

purchase at Amazon: Love To Live

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Michel Gondry directs video for THE LIVING SISTERS

If you like sweet harmonies and strong, memorable female vocalists, you’ll adore L.A.-based trio The Living Sisters who has a new CD out called Love to Live [Vanguard Records].

purchase at Amazon: Love to Live

The Living Sisters is Eleni Mandell, Inara George [The Bird and the Bee] and Becky Stark [Lavender Diamond, LA Ladies Choir].

on working with Michel Gondry:

Becky Stark: “Working with Michel was hilarious, amazing and thrilling,” states Becky Stark. “He is so wild. It’s pretty amazing how it was made. Over a hundred people worked on it- there were miniature sets built, and tons of special digital effects. It was so much fun to make and an incredible experience!”

Eleni Mandell: “Working with Michel was such a thrill. I was 4 months pregnant with twins when we shot the video and I was made to hop on the back of a motorcycle, among other things. I hope I got enough street cred to get me through the teenage years!”

Michel Gondry

Academy-Award winning director/screenwriter Michel Gondry has created music videos for Björk, The White Stripes, The Rolling Stones, Radiohead and more. His feature films include Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Be Kind Rewind, The Science of Sleep, and The Green Hornet.

more information on The Living Sisters: myspace page.

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