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Mirror Travel: music review


Austin, Texas trio Mirror Travel is comprised of: Tiffanie Lanmon (drums), Paul Brinkley (bass/vocals) and Lauren Green (guitar/vocals). Power and respect to this band for being 2/3 female. That’s rarely seen these days. The band recorded Mexico at Marfa Recording Studios in Marfa, Texas. Have you heard about Marfa and the Marfa lights in the desert? That’s a bold choice with all the strange phenomena surrounding Marfa. It surely added something to the unusual atmospheric and dreamscape sound of the band. While Mirror Travel opens with the dreamy, escapist instrumental “Sand,” the core of their songs fall into that fuzzy, gritty garage band sound reminiscent of 90s female-fronted bands like Velocity Girl or that dog. They add their own edginess to modernize the songs. Lauren Green’s vocals simultaneously exude heartache and perception. Touches of gray. A thing of beauty. “Parties” churns with raging riffs and Green’s raspy astute observations. Cool tempo provides moodiness to “Uncharted Waters.” This is a band to watch. Check out the new album and catch them on their fall tour.

Modern Outsider Records
Release date: October 15, 2013

Mirror Travel Facebook

purchase at Amazon: Mexico



10.15.13 – Austin, TX @ Hotel Vegas
10.16.13 – New Orleans, LA @ Circle Bar
10.17.13 – Memphis, TN @ Poplar Lounge
10.18.13 – Chapel Hill, NC @ The Cave
10.19.13 – Washington, D.C. @ St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church for SHE SHREDS FESTIVAL
10.20.13 – Manhattan, NY @ Cake Shop
10.21.13 – Brooklyn, NY @ TBA
10.22.13 – Lowell, MA @ Wilder Zangcraft
10.23.13 – Dover, NH @ Sonny’s
10.24.13 – Providence, RI @ TBA
10.25.13 – Baltimore, MD @ TBA
10.26.13 – Ithaca, NY @ TBA
10.27.13 – Chicago, IL @ Township
10.29.13 – New Orleans, LA @ Gasa Gasa

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NEW MUSIC: Austin’s Little Radars


from: Austin, Texas


indie folk rock/ Americana. darker, introspective themes. Rather pretty layered arrangements with unique instrumentation and poignant, contemplative lyrics.

“It’s an album of struggle and shortcomings, how they loom around us and must be addressed,” singer/guitarist Sean Hale explained. “Whether it’s the pressure of success or the fear of failure, we’re all haunted. These experiences become our souvenirs.”

He added: “The instrumentation has a post apocalyptic theme. You will find bells, piano and omnichord featured in this song and all are firsts for us as a band. Lyrically I wanted to complement the intensity.”


album: Souvenirs [Aug 6]

band members:

Sean Hale–singer/guitarist
Trevor Hale–guitarist
Grant Himmler–bassist
Derek Woodruff– drummer

my picks:

“Comin’ Clean”—urgent vocals and fervent guitar

“Siren”—dreamy, wistful with strong melody

“Cut Loose”—haunting, layered, resonant


download at Amazon: Souvenirs


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Love Inks: music review

Love Inks establishes distinct mood music on E.S.P. with languishing melodies and sonorous vocals. Singer Sherry LeBlanc anchors the Austin trio with her sultry vocals ranging from detached to caring to seductive. “Wave Goodbye” has a murmury, darker feel. The moody “Leather Glove” proves romantically addictive. A cover of David Essex’s one hit wonder “Rock On” is a fantastic surprise. There’s an ambient trance-dance vibe throughout the songs. E.S.P. is absolutely the type of album you need to listen to in its entirety—end to end.

my picks:
“Wave Goodbye”
“Black Eye”
“Skeleton Key”

Title: E.S.P.
Label: Hell Yes!
Release date: May 10, 2011
PR: High Rise PR

purchase at Amazon: E.S.P.

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