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Everlife: music review


Nashville sisters Amber Hezlep, Sarah Ross and Julia Ross are spunky women with big hearts singing catchy, upbeat country-pop. Strong vocals, lovely harmonies and positive messages make the songs stand out. Themes include love, inspiration, relationships. Having the sisters singing together brings the dazzle for me. I have a soft spot for girl groups. The sisters sang back-up for Miley Cyrus and signed on with Disney as teenagers. So you get that edgy wholesome vibe.

At the End of Everything
Hollywood Records
release date: February 19, 2013

my picks:

“Missing You”

“Stop Sign”–“you never win if you stop fighting/ let’s all stand up, wake up the crowd/ it’s all about the here and now/ you never know if you don’t go and find out how to have a life you love and live it now.”

“Love in Rhythm”



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