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TV news: Project Runway All-Stars new season premieres on January 4, 2018


The sixth season of Project Runway All-Stars pits rookies [designers new to the Project Runway All-Stars] vs. veterans [designers who have been on prior seasons of Project Runway All-Stars]. Alyssa Milano returns as host along with judges Isaac Mizrahi and Georgina Chapman [clearly taped before her husband’s exposure for perpetual sexual harassment]. This season’s mentor is Anne Fulenwider, Editor-in-Chief of Marie Claire. Guest judges for season six include Catherine Zeta-Jones, Whoopi Goldberg, Dita Von Teese, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Olivia Culpo, RuPaul and Kelly Osbourne.


the rookies:

Kimberly Goldson from Brooklyn, NY – PR Season 9

Stanley Hudson from Los Angeles, Calif. – PR Season 11

Amanda Valentine from Nashville, Tenn. – PR Season 13

Char Glover from Los Angeles, Calif. – PR Season 13

Kelly Dempsey from Boston, Mass. – PR Season 14–  extremely entertaining. plus fun and talented. #teamfannypack

Edmond Newton from Atlanta, GA – PR Season 14

Candice Cuoco from Oakland, Calif. – PR Season 14

Merline Labissiere from Miami, FL – PR Season 14


the veterans:

Anthony Williams from Atlanta, GA – PR Season 7, PRAS Season 1

Joshua McKinley from New York NY – PR Season 9, PRAS Season 2

Casanova from New York, NY – PR Season 8, PRAS Season 2

Ari South from Honolulu, HI – PR Season 8, PRAS Season 3

Melissa Fleis from Los Angeles, Calif. – PR Season 10, PRAS Season 3

Fabio Costa from New York, NY – PR Season 10, PRAS Season 4

Helen Castillo from Weehawken, NJ – PR Season 12, PRAS Season 4

Ken Laurence from Atlanta, GA – PR Season 12, PRAS Season 5


The winner of Project Runway All Stars Season six will receive a fashion spread in Marie Claire magazine and a position as contributing editor for a year, and a complete sewing studio from Brother Sewing and Embroidery. The winner also receives a trip to London, England, and luxurious skincare and makeup from Rodial and accessories and styling services from Intermix, to enhance their next collection. The winner receives a $100,000 grand prize to elevate their business and build their brand.

Project Runway All Stars will premiere Thursday, January 4 at 9pm ET/PT.

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Project Runway All-Stars S5: the designers


Thirteen designers return to compete on Project Runway All-Stars S5. This season started last Thursday and no one got eliminated! The judges want to see more. Alyssa Milano hosts Project Runway All-Stars. The judges are designer Georgina Chapman and designer Isaac Mizrahi as well as a celebrity guest judge each week. Zanna Roberts Rassi will again be the workroom mentor.

Here are this season’s competing designers:


Valerie Mayen–S8, 7th place

Cleveland, Ohio

education: graduated from Cleveland Institue of Art with degree in illustration

–started a company called Yellowcake

–first generation Guatemalan-American


Stella Zotis–S5, 9th place

New York, NY

inspiration: Ozzy Ozbourne; David Bowie; The Rolling Stones; Iggy Pop

fashion icons: Alexander McQueen; Balenciaga; Vivienne Westwood


Sam Donovan–Under the Gunn, 2nd place

Astoria, NY

education: Parsons School of Design


Mitchell Perry–S13, 12th place

Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

education: Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale

–teaches children to sew and up-cycle clothes which then get donated to the homeless

pras_layana_05312015_zd_1211 (1)

Layana Aguilar–S11, 5th place

New York, NY

education: FIT

–grew up in Brazil

–interned for Oscar de la Renta

–launched the lines Layana Aguilar and Laya Land


Kini Zamora–S13, 3rd place

Kapolei, Hawaii

education: FIT

–started his own label called Kinizamora which includes the lines KiniZamora Custom; KiniZamora Ready to Wear and KiniZamora Bridal and KZHawaii


Ken Laurence–S12, 8th place

Atlanta, Georgia

–writing a book

–launching his own online boutique


Fade Zu Grau–S13, 9th place

Coral Gables, Fla.

–born and raised in East Germany

–works in graphic design by day


Emily Payne–S13, 5th place

San Francisco, Calif.

–grew up in a small town in Texas

–has a children’s line


Dom Streater–S12, winner

Philadelphia, Penn.

–born and raised in West Philadelphia

–first African American to win Project Runway

–designed an exclusive clothing collection for Belk stores

–designed a collection of headphones for Velodyne


Daniel Franco–S1 and S2

Los Angeles, CAlif.

education: BA from Otis College of Art and Design; AA from FIDM

–worked as assistant to Richard Tyler in New York

–worked as designer for BCBG

–inherited the Albertson Chapel in 2007 from his father


Asha Daniels–Under the Gunn, 3rd place

Cincinnati, Ohio

education: University of Cincinnati

–interned at Marchesa


Alexander Pope–S12, 7th place

Ridgewood, NY

education: FIDM

–grew up in Hollywood in the 80s

–former drag queen

–designs costumes for Broadway shows

Project Runway All-Stars airs on Thursdays at 9pm on Lifetime.



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DMITRY SHOLOKHOV wins Project Runway All-Stars S4


Current New York resident and Belarus native Dmitry Sholokhov and Project Runway Season 10 winner beat out fellow finalists Helen Castillo and Sonjia Williams with a final collection created in only four days.

Dmitry had several memorable quotes about being an All-Star throughout the show:

“To be an all-star you need to know exactly who you are.”

“Winning All-Stars rockets your career hopefully.”


The final three created an eight piece collection representing all four seasons.

Dmitry designed for “a collector who loves special pieces. timeless but have an edge about it. fluid and fragile.” Helen went for “a couture Wednesday Adams.” She called her collection “Coco on Wednesday.” Sonjia, whose father passed away in January, designed for herself. She called her collection “Urban Egyptian.” “She knows who she is and she owns it,” she explained.


Project Runway All-Stars S4 finale show was at Diamond Horseshoe at the Paramount Hotel. While all three collections impressed, Dmitry won over Runway All-Stars host Alyssa Milano, judges Isaac Mizrahi and Georgina Chapman, mentor Zanna Roberts and guest judges Zac Posen and Mira Sorvino.


winner Dmitry

“Amazing job. This collection shows total control of your ascetic.” –Alyssa Milano

“You are the master of technique.” –Georgina Chapman

“I love the confidence, the consistency and the strength of your looks.” –guest judge Mira Sorvino

“You understand architecture and form.” –guest judge Zac Posen









Guest judges Zac Posen and Oscar winner and all-around talented and fabulous Mira Sorvino:


runner-up Sonjia

“You have the ability to redefine proportions of a woman’s body.” –Isaac Mizrahi

“The was something regal.” –guest judge Mira Sorvino

“The gown didn’t have the modernity where we started. The red lace dress is market-ready.” –guest judge Zac Posen





son pantsuit

son dress

sonjia pantsuit


first runner-up Helen

“I see some very contemporary looking clothing.” –guest judge Zac Posen

“I love the black. It’s very edgy. The first dress is very Chanel-y. I’d love to wear that.” –guest judge Mira Sorvino

“You can’t tell if she’s flirting or pushing you away.” –guest judge Isaac Mizrahi








host Alyssa Milano

host Alyssa Milano

As the winner of Project Runway All-Stars season four, Sholokhov receives:
–chance to create his own capsule collection with QVC and appear during QVC’s Spring Fashion Week programming
— a fashion spread in Marie Claire and a position at the magazine as Contributing Editor for one year
— CHI® Haircare will send Sholokhov to stay in a luxury spa resort as a special guest at its International conference in Cancun, Mexico, plus product and staff for entire year of runway shows
— an entire year’s worth of beauty products from Mary Kay for fashion shows and professional makeup artist services for Sholokhov’s debut show
— cash prize of $150,000
— complete custom sewing studio from Brother Sewing and Embroidery to launch his winning line.

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TV RECAP: Project Runway All-Stars S4.Ep12

FOUR designers remain this week: Helen Castillo; Michelle Lesniak; Dmitry Sholokhov; Sonjia Williams

This week’s challenge: create dazzling red carpet gowns to be remembered forever

Of course this is tied-in to an upcoming Marilyn Monroe biopic and the actress playing Marilyn introduces the challenge via video.

“It’s red carpet. It’s what I do,” says Helen.She’s designing something with a cap sleeve again. Helen purchases a beaded fabric in a mint julep color. Sonjia wants to design a dress with “bow that’s in your face.” She chooses several gold fabrics. “I want a moody romance,” Michelle explains. She spends her entire budget on one fabric, a silk burnout velvet. Dmitry buys off-white lace and white fringe which he plans to tea dye to match the fabric.

Helen in the workroom

Helen in the workroom

In the workroom, Michelle and Dmitry tell Helen that her fabric doesn’t have enough sparkle. She flips out a bit. She says: “I bought Chantilly beaded lace. You’re going to tell me, the girl that has made a Grammy performance gown [for a performer I’ve never heard of] that my fabric is not sparkly.”

Isaac Mizrahi arrives to interrupt the designers with a mini-challenge. He says he wants to introduce a legend. “She’s been saving the day in Hollywood for 75 years.” In trots Lassie. [Lifetime is paying the bills yet again.] The winner will be designing for Lassie. Well-trained Lassie delivers the gift bags to each designer which include fabric and their themes and rescue dog assignments. Helen gets sci-fi; Michelle has Western; Dmitry gets gangster and Sonjia receives musical comedy.



Mini-challenge: design a piece of movie-themed canine couture

Michelle who has yet to win a challenge wins.

Michelle with the rescue dog

Michelle with the rescue dog

Back to work on the main challenge, Zanna arrives for critiques in a fabulous outfit but with terrible hair. Why doesn’t she do something about her hair? Her clothes always look spectacular. Her hair looks overworked and dry. Dmitry’s never been in the bottom but Helen thinks his fringe dress looks like a “dirty mop.” Although Zanna thinks Helen’s dress is Victorian looking and too old-fashioned, Helen comments: “I’m feeling confident because I see black, I see dirty mop and I see cheap gold.”

eye candy: Dmitry in the workroom

eye candy: Dmitry in the workroom

Runway critiques



design by Sonjia

design by Sonjia

“It feels dramatic and memorable.” –Isaac Mizrahi
“It’s impactful.” –Georgina Chapman


design by Michelle

design by Michelle

“I think the textile is the star of this dress. I didn’t love the chain.” –Alyssa Milano
“This is the best you’ve done. It’s mysterious, where it’s lined. I can’t tell where you’ve lined and where you’ve left sheer. The back is enchanting.” –Isaac Mizrahi
“It’s very pretty. It’s a simple shape. The patterning doesn’f feel expensive.” –Georgina Chapman


design by Helen

design by Helen

“It’s a classic silhouette.” –Alyssa Milano
“Very safe but perhaps too safe.” –Georgina Chapman
“I love this dress. It didn’t move beautifully.” –Isaac Mizrahi


design by Dmitry

design by Dmitry

“This dress blew me away. Might be my favorite thing ever.” –Alyssa Milano
“It really looks like this is thousands of dollars. Your length is great.” –Georgina Chapman
“Beautiful dress but fringe is maybe not Oscar.” –Isaac Mizrahi

Dmitry is the WINNER

Sonjia is IN

Michelle and Helen must compete in a last minute challenge. They have to reinvent a look using at least three losing designs in an hour. Helen freaks out as she doesn’t like destroying other people’s designs.
Helen: “I can’t cut up somebody else’s work.” [but she can critique them.]
Michelle: “Well just cut up the really ugly stuff.”

Sadly Michelle is OUT. Helen is IN.

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Project Runway All-Stars Returns in October with host Alyssa Milano

Project Runway All-Stars Season 4 premieres Thursday, October 30 at 9pm on Lifetime.


Hosted by Alyssa Milano
Judges: Georgina Chapman and Isaac Mizrahi
Mentor: Zanna Roberts Rassi


Designers for Project Runway All Stars Season 4 include:

designer Samantha

designer Samantha

Samantha Black (Brooklyn, NY) – Season 11, 7th place – Samantha has been working on her line Sammy B Designs and taking business classes at Macy’s Business Program. Samantha was recently named “designer to watch” by both Essence and Ebony magazine.

designer Helen

designer Helen

Helen Castillo (Union City, NJ) – Season 12, 5th place – Helen has been struggling to make a name for herself, although she has had some success and celebrity interest. She designed a Grammy® dress for Mary Lambert and mainly makes custom dresses for the everyday woman.

designer Fabio

designer Fabio

Fabio Costa (New York, NY) – Season 10, Runner-up – Fabio narrowly missed his chance to win his season but was so inspired that he and his design partner went straight to work creating their own androgynous and minimalist line called NotEqual. He is ready to come back to the runway and this time isn’t walking away without the win.

designer Gunnar

designer Gunnar

Gunnar Deatherage (Louisville, KY) – Season 10, 8th place – Recently the creative director of NFocus Magazine, Gunnar spends his days styling, overseeing photo shoots and working on his designs at night for his line, Deatherage Designs.

designer Justin

designer Justin

Justin LeBlanc (Raleigh, NC) – Season 12, 3rd place – Justin returned to being a full-time professor after Season 12 and recently completed his spring/summer collection, which will debut at the end of August at the Contemporary Art Museum. And on top of all of that, he is also working on a Fall/Winter 2014/2015 collection with a theme based on his definition of love without boundaries.

designer Michelle

designer Michelle

Michelle Lesniak (Portland, OR) – Season 11, Winner – Michelle returned to Portland after her successful run on Runway and is currently in the process of opening her own boutique. Dedicated to local manufacturing and ethical business practices, she is undoubtedly playing a key role in shaping and growing the Portland fashion industry.

designer Benjamin

designer Benjamin

Benjamin Mach (New York, NY/Sydney Australia) – Season 11, 11th place – His made-to-order Benjamin Mach label, merging luxurious fabrics with label launched February 2014, merging luxurious fabrics with a modern design.

designer Chris

designer Chris

Chris March (New York, NY) – Season 4, 4th place – Chris continues to build his business, Chris March Designs, designing for stars like Madonna, Prince and Lady Gaga. He recently formed an exclusive partnership with Target to design costumes and wigs for Halloween season.

designer Patricia

designer Patricia

Patricia Michaels (Albuquerque, NM) – Season 11, Runner-up – Patricia returned to Albuquerque where she has been building a new studio and working on a ready-to-wear collection. On the side, she booked back-to-back fashion shows all over the country and is working on a short film with her son.

designer Kate

designer Kate

Kate Pankoke (Chicago, IL) – Season 11, 9th Place/Season 12, 6th place – Third time’s a charm for Kate, who will stop at nothing to be the next big designer. She now has her own bridal line and a new collection launching in October. Her fascination with princesses has led her to design wedding dresses that enable every woman to feel like royalty on their special day.

designer Jay

designer Jay

Jay Sario (New York, NY) – Season 7, 4th place – After his original season, Jay moved from Hawaii to New York, where he currently works as a full-time visual merchandiser for Calvin Klein North America and freelances on the side. His recent passion is bridal wear.

designer Dmitry

designer Dmitry

Dmitry Sholokhov (New York, NY) – Season 10, Winner – After winning Season 10 of Runway, Dmitry created his own brand, Dmitry Sholokhov, and showed his collection in Moscow. He has an exclusive collection for Lord & Taylor. He believes that the greatest thing he took away from Runway was all of the accolades and critiques he received from the panel of expert judges.

designer Alexandria

designer Alexandria

Alexandria von Bromssen (San Mateo, CA) – Season 12, Runner-up – Last year, Alexandria returned to San Mateo, where she manages her own clothing line, owns a designer boutique and runs a sewing camp for kids called Camp Couture. She is most proud of designing a modern and edgy wedding dress made from recycled fabrics and vintage lace.

designer Sonjia

designer Sonjia

Sonjia Williams (Woodside, NY) – Season 10, 5th place – Project Runway really helped Sonjia understand more about the fashion business and what it takes to succeed. She currently has a collection with Anabelle NY, and her clothes are available in Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue. She is also working on her own solo line, Something by Sonjia.

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Project Runway All-Stars with new host Alyssa Milano airs October 24 on LIFETIME


Host: Alyssa Milano
Judges: Georgina Chapman and Isaac Mizrahi
Mentor: Marie Claire Senior Fashion Editor Zanna Roberts Rassi

The Designers



Ari South
S8 (2nd Runner-Up)
–formerly Andy South. Educating world about transgender community.



Christopher Palu
S10 (4th place)
–worked as shoe designer for Sam Edelman but was laid off
–“obsessive” designer of handbags
–grew up on Long Island
–trained at Fashion Institute of Technology



Daniel Esquivel
S11 (4th place)
–role model for Hispanic LGBT community, he speaks out about being bullied as a child.
–from Austin, Texas


Elena Slivnyak
S10 (6th place)
–from Ukraine, immigrated to U.S. at age 10
–has an online shop for her brand and ready-to-wear line called iimuahii42wear
–she also works as a costume designer


Irina Shabayeva
S6 (winner)
–Parsons School of Design graduate
–started own bridal line
–designed gowns for celebs such as Selena Gomez for 2011 People’s Choice Awards



Jeffrey Sebelia
S3 (winner)
–former member of the band Lifter
–tooks classes at Los Angeles Trade-Technical College
–clothing line Cosa Nostra
–celeb clients include Gwen Stefani, Dave Navarro, Madonna, Marilyn Manson, and Jennifer Lopez
–developed high-end children’s line La Miniatura available in Niemen Marcus,, Harrods, Bloomingdales, Barney’s and Fred Siegel



Korto Momolu
S5 (runner-up)
–born in Liberia and immigrated to Canada in 1990
–studied fashion design at L’Academies des Couturiers Design Institute in Ottaw, Ontario
–lives in Little Rock, Arkansas
–designs The Saba Collection of eco-friendly jewelry for Madera Exotic Woods



Melissa Fleis
S10 (2nd runner-up)
–grew up in Michigan, attended University of Michigan
–while working as a sales associate in Los Angeles she decide to study fashion at San Francisco’s Academy of Art


Mychael Knight
S3 (4th place)
–born in Germany and raised in Alabama
–worked as an intern at Wilbourn Exclusives
–became a stylist in the music industry
–has his own label Mychael Knight
–designs have been worn by Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Rowland and Queen Latifah

seth aaron

seth aaron

Seth Aaron Henderson
S7 (winner)
–has created designs for Lexus, Intel
–designed a line of fashionable iPad covers
–has been involved with the Project Runway family by serving on fashion judging panel for seasons 8-12



Viktor Luna
S9 (2nd runner-up)
–born in Guadalajara, Mexico and raised in Los Angeles
–attended FIT in New York but didn’t graduate


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Lifetime TV movie review: Sundays at Tiffany’s

Every Sunday, Jane Claremont [Alyssa Milano] would go to Tiffany’s with her oblivious, self-centered mother Vivian [Stockard Channing]. She would always bring along her imaginary friend Michael. Based on the best-selling novel by James Patterson, Sundays at Tiffany’s presents a sweet fable about a precocious girl who outgrows her imagination.. But has she truly forgotten that inner-child? Now Jane appears to be engaged to a vapid actor [Ivan Sergei] who’s using the marriage to advance his theatrical career.

Jane and her mom run a highly successful theater. Instead of pursuing her dream of writing, Jane stepped into the family business. On the surface of course, her life seems enviable as she’s dating a sought after star, appears on Page Six and lives in a fabulous apartment. One day, seemingly out of nowhere, a grown-up Michael appears to assist Jane in deciding if this marriage is truly what will make her happy. They spend time planning Jane’s wedding, talking until all hours of the morning and playing in the snow and around the city. Sure the story is a bit hokey. Just suspend reality here and it’s cutesy. Without Milano, Sundays at Tiffany’s would fail. She articulates her character’s doubts through quirky tics and physical humor. Sundays at Tiffany’s proves to be quite delightful.

Premieres Monday, December 6, 2010 at 9pm ET/PT on Lifetime Movie Network.

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