Moby (Musician)

Claire Gibson (author, Beyond the Point)




Meredith Jaeger, author [Boardwalk Summer]

Joanna Luloff, author [Remind Me Again What Happened]


Dan Chaon, author [Ill Will]

Kathryn Claire, singer/songwriter

Hallie Ephron, author



Furniture Girls

L.A. Witch

Illeana Douglas, actor [I Blame Dennis Hopper]


Christa Weiss, comic
Sydney Eloise, singer/songwriter
Alex Dolan, author [The Euthanist]
Kelly Dempsey, designer, Project Runway S11
Christopher Moore, author [Secondhand Souls]
Tai Heatley, singer– Petty Morals
Singer/songwriter Beth Bombara
Shireen Jilla, author [The Art of Unpacking Your Life]
Hallie Ephron, author [Night Night Sleep Tight]
Andy Milas [guitar] and Onur Dilisen [violin], Esthema
Dr. Judy Melenik, author [Working Stiff]


Jayson Warner Smith, actor [Rectify]
Robin Black, author [Life Drawing]
Samantha Black, designer [Project Runway S10, Project Runway All-Stars]
Sallie Ford, singer/songwriter
Alyson Richman, author [The Garden of Letters]
Lilla, singer/songwriter
Jordan Brady, filmmaker [I Am Road Comic]
Laura Lane McNeal, author [Dollbaby]
Kristen Ford, singer/songwriter
Jadea Kelly, singer/songwriter
Nathalia Holt, PhD, author [CURED]
Charlie Hilton, singer/songwriter/guitarist [Blouse]
Shannon Carey, singer/songwriter [Luray]
Gwen Florio, author [Montana, Dakota]


Elizabeth Cohen, author [The Hypothetical Girl]
Kristin Hersh, singer/songwriter [Throwing Muses]
Lucy Wainwright Roche, singer/songwriter
Andre Dubus III [Dirty Love]
Tony White, singer/songwriters [Grace & Tony]
David Vann [Goat Mountain]
Aisha Burns, singer/songwriter
Andrew Sean Greer, author [The Impossible Lives of Greta Wells]
Nadine Shah, singer/songwriter
Marjan Kamali, writer [Together Tea]
John Moen, musician [Perhapst, The Decemberists]
Ansley Hughes, singer [Super Water Sympathy]
Gretta Rochelle, Jack Armondo [My Gold Mask]
Patrick Krief–singer/songwriter
Liam O’Donnell–singer, [Various Cruelties]


Chelsea Wolfe– singer/ songwriter
Nichole Bernier—author [the Unfinished Work of Elizabeth D]
Junot Diaz—writer [This is How You Lose Her]
Rebecca Loebe—singer/songwriter
Jennie Smith—author [Age of Desire]
Jaden Terrell—author [A Cup Full of Midnight]
Sara Jackson-Holman—singer/songwriter
G. Willow Wilson—author, Alif the Unseen
Alex Wong , singer/songwriter/producer, A City on a Lake
Roxanne Teti—singer/songwriter, Skyline Pigeons
Joel Piedt– singer/songwriter, Carrousel
Alan Anton– bassist, Cowboy Junkies
Phillip Price–singer/songwriter, The Winterpills
Mike Doughty—musician [The Book of Drugs]—phone for The L Magazine
Stephie Coplan—singer/songwriter [Stephie Coplan and the Pedestrians]—via email
Dan Chaon—author [Stay Awake]—via phone


Stephen Ramsay– vocalist/ guitar, [Young Galaxy]
Melissa Jones– author [Emily Hudson]
Jenny Shank– author [The Ringer]
Thomas Dolby– singer/songwriter
Amy Speace– singer/songwriter
Jennifer Haigh– author [Faith]
Molly Jong-Fast– author [The Social Climber’s Handbook]
Amanda Spring– singer/drummer [Point Juncture, WA]
Lenka- singer/songwriter
Jill Edmondson– author [Dead Light District]
Catherine Bell– actress [Army Wives]
Wheat — band
Tom Perrotta– author [The Leftovers]– for The L Magazine
Caroline Preston– author [The Scrapbook of Frankie Pratt]
Bill Janovitz– singer/guitarist [Buffalo Tom]


Anatasia Hobbet–author [Small Kingdoms]– by email
Joshua Ferris– author [The Unnamed]– by phone for The L Magazine
Julie Klausner– author/comedian [I Don’t Care about Your Band]– by phone
Jami Attenberg– author [The Melting Season]– by phone
Joseph Mackin– author [Pretend All Your Life]–by phone
Ariel Leve– author [It Could Be Worse, You Could Be Me]– by phone
Piper Kerman– author [Orange is the New Black]
Robin Black– author [If I Loved You, I Would Tell You This]
Crooked Still– vocalist Aoife O’Donovan
Jenna Blum– author [The Stormchasers]
Dot Allison– singer
Sloane Crosley– author [How Did You Get This Number?]
Benjamin Knack– chef [Hell’s Kitchen]
Jason Santos– chef [Hell’s Kitchen]
Santino Rice [On the Road with Austin and Santino]
The Organ Beats
Koren Zailckas– author [Fury]
Melissa Senate– author [The Love Goddess’s Cooking School]
Darin Strauss– author [Half a Life]
Elyssa East– author [Dogtown]


Jennie Shortbridge—author [When She Flew]—December- by email
Elizabeth Halfsapp—fitness instructor [Core Fusion]—December- by phone
Tonya Chen Mezrich—jewelry designer—December- by email
Melissa Senate—author [The Secret of Joy] December- by email
Hyatt Bass–author [The Embers] November- email
Tom Perrotta– author [Little Children] November- email
Matthew Pearl– author [The Last Dickens] November– email
Erica Kennedy– author [Feminista]– November– email
Mameve Medwed– author [How Elizabeth Barrett Browning Saved My Life]– November– email
Elinor Lipman– author [The Family Man]– November– email
Meg Cabot–author [The Princess Diaries] November– email
Jacqueline Mitchard [No Time to Wave Goodbye]– email
Jonathan Lethem- author [Chronic City] November 5– by phone for The L Magazine
Jessica Shattuck– author [Perfect Life] November 5– in person
Barbara Delinsky– author [While My Sister Sleeps] November 1– via email
Christopher Straub– designer [Project Runway] October 26– by phone
Chris Bohjalian– author [Skeletons at the Feast] October 26– via email
Dick Lehr– author [The Fence] October 22– via email
Katherine Howe– author [The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane] October 14– in person
Courtney Sullivan–author [Commencement] October 9– by phone
Darin Strauss–author [More Than It Hurts You] Oct. 7– via email
Hamish Linklater– actor [The New Adventures of Old Christine] Sept 23– by phone
director Stephan Elliott [Easy Virtue] Sept 12– by phone
jockey Aaron Gryder [Jockeys] Sept 1– by phone
Kenji Gallo [Breakshot] Aug 15- by phone
Rose Byrne– actress [Adam] Aug 8– in person
Allison Winn Scotch– author [Time of My life] Aug 5– via email
Hell’s Kitchen—3 cast members: Andy, Ariel and Jim—July 28– by phone
Emily Mandel–author [Last Night in Montreal] July 23– by phone
Robert Kenner, writer/director [Food Inc.] June 20– in person
Mireya Mayor [Expedition Africa] June 6– by phone
Roberto Benigni, actor—May 27– by phone
David Berkeley, singer—May 9
David Redmon, director [Invisible Girlfriend]—Apr 22
Vincent D’Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe [L&O: Criminal Intent]—Apr 17


Rian Johnson, director (The Brothers Bloom) for Scene 360


The Klaxons (inmag)


John Hensley, Nip/Tuck for INMag
Trashcan Sinatras (for IN Mag)
Doves (inmag)
Editors (inmag)
Cranes (inmag)


Juliana Hatfield (for Weekly Dig)
Dirty Vegas (for IN Mag)


Wendy Liebman {for Weekly Dig}


Singer/songwriter Sandi Hammond
PJ Olsson (for Instant)
Boss Hog (for Instant)


Jason Schwartzman/ Wes Anderson [Rushmore] [for Harbus]
Gigolo Aunts (for Amplifier)
Director Guy Ritchie, actors Jason Statham and Jason Flemying [Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels]—Four Seasons [for Harbus]
Actor/director Aidan Quinn [This is My Father]—Four Seasons [for Harbus]
Artist Cynthia von Buhler
Writer/director David Cronenberg [eXistenZ] [for Harbus]
Actors Donnie Wahlberg and Rose McGowan [Southie]—Four Seasons [for Harbus]
Honeyglazed [band]
Reveille [band]
Singer/songwriter Beth Orton
Seventeen [band]
Fuzzy [Hilken Mancini and Chris Toppin, drummer Nate Darden]
Boo Radleys (for Instant)
Beth Orton
Callie Thorne, Homicide (for newengland film)


Lamb (for Instant)
The London Suede (for Instant)
Mansun (for Instant)
Dubstar (for Instant)
IVY (for Instant)
Catherine Wheel (for Instant)
Momus (for Instant)
Stacy Jones for Veruca Salt (for Instant)
Swervedriver (for Instant)
You Am I (for Instant)
Madder Rose (for Instant)
Daau (for Instant)
Catatonia (for Instant)
Kahimi Karie (for Instant)
Tuscadero (for Instant)
Curve (for Instant)
Madder Rose—guitarist Billy Cote and vocalist/guitarist Mary Lorson—Feb
Mach 5—vocalist/guitarist Jeff Darien, guitarist/ keyboardist Dan Gingold—March
Econoline Crush—lead singer Trevor Hurst
Musician Emma Townshend—June (for Rockrgrrl)
Natacha Atlas
Wild Strawberries [Roberta Carter Harrison and Ken Harrison]
Shiva Speedway
Garageland (for Instant)
Cinnamon (for Instant)
Geneva (for Instant)
Ivy (for Instant)


Splashdown (for Instant)
The Cranes (for Instant)
Shonen Knife (for Instant)
Tara MacLean (for Instant)
Supergrass (for Instant)
Mistle Thrush (for Instant)
Cherry 2000 (for Instant)
Deus (for Instant)
Chimera (for Instant)
Automatic (for Instant)
The Weaklings (for Instant)
James (for Instant)
Jamie Walters (for Instant)
Damon Albarn, Blur (for Instant)
Bis (for Instant)
Jon Brookes, The Charlatans (for Instant)


The Cardigans (for Instant)
Pugs (for Instant)
GENE (for Instant)
The Sky Heroes (for Instant)
Autour de Lucie (for Instant)
Komeda (for Instant)
Placebo (for Instant)
Sleeper (for Instant)
The Bluetones (for Instant)
Kula Shaker (for Instant)
Bad Religion (for Instant)
Jawbox (for Instant)
Josh Clayton Felt (for Instant)
CAST (for Instant)
Duncan Sheik (for Instant)
Marion (for Instant)
Menswear (for Instant)
Fuzzy (for Instant)
Poe (for Instant)
Blur, Damon Albarn (for Instant)
Trona (for Instant)

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