new music: Lloyd Cole


here’s a new video for the single “Violins” from Lloyd Cole’s upcoming album Guesswork, out July 26, 2019. When he was looking for ideas for a video, Lloyd Cole found The End of Civilisation by Douglas Gordon. Lloyd says: “It’s perfect for the song. What could be worse than burning a grand piano and filming it?.” Lloyd said: “One of the glorious things about pop is that you have this wonderful uplifting noise which can actually address some fairly challenging issues and sometimes can do so quite elegantly.” He continues, “You realize over time that however much you second-guess yourself or try and pull yourself in whatever direction, it’s still you. If you have a voice, you can’t un-voice yourself.”

“I might just stop breathing
I might just stop keeping time
With the violins
Or I might come out swinging
And what if I sang out of key
With the violins?”
Violins by Lloyd Cole


predominantly an electronic album and recorded mostly in his studio in Massachusetts, Lloyd collaborated with three other musicians on Guesswork, including his two former Commotions’ bandmates – guitarist Neil Clark and keyboard player Blair Cowan.

Lloyd Cole discography: ‘Lloyd Cole’ (’90), ‘Don’t Get Weird On Me Babe’ (’91), ‘Bad Vibes’ (’93), ‘Love Story’ (95), ‘Plastic Wood’ (’01), ‘Music In A Foreign Language’ (’03), ‘Anti Depressant’ (’06), ‘Broken Record’ (’10), ‘Standards’ (’13)


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