TV review: Indiscretion


INDISCRETION starring: Mira Sorvino; Christopher Backus; Cary Elwes; LisaGay Hamilton; Melora Walters directed by: John Stewart Miller written by: Laura Boersma and John Stewart Miller


It’s not always a guarantee when couples act in films together that it’ll work. Superbly talented Oscar-winner Mira Sorvino excels at her craft. If you watched Underground you saw her husband Christopher Backus in supreme creep mode. In the psychological thriller Indiscretion, New Orleans psychiatrist and politician’s wife Veronica [Sorvino] and artist Victor [Backus] partake in a steamy weekend fling. Veronica asks him why he isn’t out with some younger woman on a Friday night. He responds: “Girls my age don’t really have any life experience other than throwing up on Bourbon Street.” Interesting as there’s a 14 year age difference between the duo who have been married for 12 years and have four children. I’m a Mira Sorvino fan! She’s brilliant and lovely and kind.


As Veronica she’s tough, sexy and smart. Plus there’s intense onscreen chemistry between Sorvino and Backus. There’s sweet chemistry between Sorvino and Elwes. Veronica tells her psychiatrist friend: “It made me feel like anything could happen. Guess I just wanted male attention.” The film starts with Veronica in a sit-down interview and that’s interspersed throughout the film—a strong indicator something wicked will happen. Add to the scenario that Veronica’s husband Jake [Cary Elwes] had a very public affair recently. Elwes glides smoothly as the seemingly perfect politician.  It’s mentioned by Victor: “Why’d he cheat? Why’d you cheat? Why are you here?” Of course when Veronica attempts to end the affair with Victor, he refuses to accept that they won’t be together. Victor befriends her husband and daughter. Indiscretion contains all the elements one wants in a Lifetime movie: sex; betrayal; attractive, success family with families; deranged lovers and violence. The story’s not too predictable and the film brims with all the emotions. A few twists and turns and a surprising ending will keep you riveted. Plus Sorvino’s eyelashes are on fleek! Tune in to find out what Victor does to destroy that which he cannot have and how Veronica protects her family.

Indiscretion premieres on Lifetime Saturday, July 23, 2016 at 8:00PM (ET/PT)

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